3 Magic means for Ecommerce Startup ventures

Think about a website that you really like and very often pay a visit to check what’s new. Not Facebook! Besides that? Is that a shopping site? Well, if you ask me! It’s definitely shopping. So, why is that you often visit online marketplaces?

It is not because you’re shopaholic but you’re also frantic about the feel, convenience, offers, service, and most important of them all, ‘Time Feasibility’. But, just to introspect, I searched ‘why people shop online’, and like I expected, I got 40,20,0000000 results!

The last time I did online shopping was last evening at Flipkart.com. I was amazed to see the drastic changes that they have made and my personal opinion is that they are actually far ahead of meeting customer expectation. And I see this as an excellent opportunity to explain you the proper utilization of sources that they have done to reach where they are now (reaping a billion dollars in sales!).

So let us get down to business and understand today the 3 most important Ecommerce solutions that can take your brand or business to the next level.

No.1- Ecommerce Platforms

The paradoxical world of technology cannot substantiate a particular approach as successful. Hence, we see hundreds of choices for shopping cart software to adopt and most of the software are designed with a ‘fit to all’ approach.

However, this does not resolve the purpose of scalability, functionality, features, security and customization.

Having mentioned the drawbacks let me get straight to the selection of the Platform. Planning and working out a reliable platform needs a lot of understanding about its capabilities, which could become easier if you have the right consultancy guiding you to know how. Let me list three of the most differentiated platforms and their usability.

I. Enterprise Ecommerce platform: These applications are made for large businesses and are built to achieve mass sales or enormous traffic. The applications are designed to smoothly incorporate security considerations, extensive scalability, design and branding flexibility, new support and version releases and rich features with customized operatives. Take the example of Flipkart.com.

II. Professional Ecommerce platform: These applications focus on small businesses/brands and can be tailored are per clients or merchants requisites. However, it compromises on features, design and branding flexibility, limited scalability and does not promise extended support and version releases.

III. Community/ Open source Ecommerce platform: Support provided by the community or else a third party specialist is employed to draw the frame. Suggested for online retailers to experiment new product line or services to determine the scope of feasibility.

No.2- Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing Evolved

It’s relatively a new concept that is derived from an already existing model – Affiliate Marketing. People often use them interchangeably, but they are not the same. Performance Marketing is a tool that enhances your marketing strategies and focuses on the core aspect of the business; driving sales. Business is carried in the simplest method where advertisers get paid when a sale gets complete. The whole payout is based on performance and it is mutually beneficial for the merchant as well as the partners or affiliates.

Unlike the old and classical advertising campaigns, where you pour in thousands of dollars to get those ‘clicks’, ‘Impressions’, ‘registrations’, ‘synapse etc., here you incur expenses that have delivered results. Merchants or tender businesses/brands can gain a lot with the help of this revolutionary business prototype to drive greater sales and occupy a larger space among various affiliates. Let me share an example!

Not long ago, a leading FMCG company ‘Wagh Bakri’ requested our services to market their products on a performance based model. We came into an agreement on the payment structure (e.g. Per order cost) and the target to be acquired. In view of their business vertical, we determined the sources and found opportunity to scale new heights. By leveraging all the channels available to us, we delivered a performance which was a track-able with tangible results.

Vagh Bakri - Ecommerce Marketing Portfolio

So, in the end the advertisers achieve their sales target and we get our business. Apparently, Wagh Bakri’s first initiation towards determining new scope concluded with better results than any other viable options. And that is exactly what ‘Performance Marketing is!’

No. 3- Creative Strategies

Creative Strategy Devised

The key to increase average ‘time spent’ of users is to increase the portal’s visuals. Increasing ‘time spent’ of users provides merchants a possibility to sell more products or upsell; which means more business. Designers with their fresh artistry have elevated the nuances of creative designs and have added a significant value to the customer’s experience. However, one should always consider the usability aspect of the portal to keep the customer engaged. Few things If incorporated religiously can work wonders for your site.

1. Navigation Interface has to be the first and the most foremost element to be well synchronized. It paves way for a smooth transition from one page to the other.
2. Highlight the ‘Call to Action’ selection to act upon. Some of the known players in this business have done a great bit of research to determine the perfect spot and color. You should also try to find the same.
3. Try to retain high quality pictures of your products. A very important component contributing to sales.
4. Use the white spaces to demarcate sections, and use vibrant colors cautiously.
5. Typography to an extent captures the theme of the portal and entices the visitor to read through the content.
6. In times of Content Marketing, you cannot afford content to be loosely written on assumptions or copied from some other source; hire a specialist to do it for you. Create a good profile of your company and the content and say it your own style.
7. Eliminating unnecessary steps of the checkout process is very important and necessary. Include Guest checkout to obtain more conversions.

These are only a few components that you must carefully regulate to get the desired results. Others are yet to be thought over! Keeping the basics integrated & submissive will certainly help you to strengthen other facets of the portal. So, whatever I’ve said is not rocket science, it’s basic Ecommerce science.

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