3 Tips for Ecommerce CEOs to retain customers

There are three types of people in the online world:

1)      People who are new to the concept of shopping online
2)      People who occasionally buy online
3)      People who love shopping online

In the rat race of selling online, everyone is thinking about how to get new customers, whereas, what ecommerce companies should primarily focus on is – retaining customers. And while this might sound like a piece of cake, it isn’t that easy!

So how can you retain customers? What are the things you should include to your ecommerce marketing strategy?

1)      Pamper them with discounts

Take Flipkart, Snapdeal or Amazon for instance, all of them are popular ecommerce portals running successfully because they have done proper ecommerce marketing and they provide some of the best deals available online to their customers.

You need to encourage your customers to be generous with their time and money, and ensure that they become loyal advocates of your brand. If they love the quality of the product you offer or if the service is impeccable, chances are that they will stick to your brand for long.

2)      Track customer behavior

If the customer who loves shopping online is your target audience, track their behavior every time they buy from you. Send them offers according to their preference. Once a customer buys something from you, it is important to give them a reason to return.

If your business is about day-to-day products, repeat purchases by the same customer will take you a long way. Keep in touch with their needs and buying habits. Give them exclusive offers.

3)      Convert them into loyal customers  

For all Ecommerce businesses, the best customer is one you already have. And maintaining a loyal customer base is a challenge most businesses face in this ever-changing Ecommerce landscape.

To convert your customers into loyal customers use emails to your advantage, give your customers the first look or an exclusive preview of your new products or sale items. Give coupon codes that are available only to email newsletter subscribers. Make sure they know they’re getting an exclusive offer.