5 Digital Marketing Myths

5 Digital Marketing Myths Which People Often Believe To Be True!

The marketing function has become a universal industry that offers companies an extensive range of online and offline channels through which they can reach and connect with the global audience. There are several strands to marketing which need equal amount of attention in order to reach out to the target segment. Digital Marketing is one such key strand of the marketing universe, which provides extensive online reach by leveraging the power of internet and social media.

Over a period of time, however, several myths and misconceptions have developed around digital marketing. Our effort here is to debunk some of these myths which will help entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.

Myth # 1:

Digital marketing is easy!

Setting up blogs, making social media profiles and voila! If you thought that’s all Social Media is about, you are mistaken. This is a small portion of the work that goes into going digital and spreading your wings across the internet. Ranging from generating appealing content to uploading posts at the right time, a lot goes into extracting fruitful results from this platform.

Myth # 2:

This form of marketing is for small businesses.

Contrary to what many people believe, Digital Marketing is not just for small businesses but also for large businesses with traditional marketing and operational budgets. To be precise, digital marketing is for all (small, medium and large) businesses. Digital marketing agencies offer a wide range of tools for all forms of businesses. If you are looking for a tool yourself, click here to know more.

Myth # 3:

Negative comments/reviews on Social platforms harm the business.

Customer concerns need to be addressed but at the same time it should be taken as an opportunity for improving upon the negative reviews. Taking less time to resolve issues and responding to the customers can make a positive impact and the way criticism is handled tends to get noticed by the visitors.

Myth # 4:

Increased website traffic leads to successful Digital Marketing Plan.

More traffic on website definitely leads to increased business opportunities and opens door to potential customers, but it does not mean that each visitor will convert into a profit generating customer. Such marketing is focused towards attracting website visitors who eventually lead to profit making. There are a lot of other ways through which such opportunities can be extracted, to find out how, follow our blog!

Myth # 5:

One-on-One Digital Networking is impossible.

It may seem like an elusive task to personalize your marketing, but it isn’t as ‘Out Of Routine’ as it sounds. It will increase your brand’s credibility and go-to-site clicks. Things as simple as having customer’s name in the body of the -mail will give your customer a more credible and personalized feel for your business.

All in all, Digital Marketing gives us a huge scope and opportunity to explore a wide market and expand our reach while at the same time mark our presence among other competitors. Knowing these myths will pull you out from their whirlpool, but in case you have other queries, click here and get the answers to all your questions if you are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in India!

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