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5 Digital marketing tips to boost ROI for ecommerce

It is important for ecommerce businesses to invest in digital marketing. An ecommerce business always has more number of customers visiting their website. Hence, it’s important for them to increase their marketing activities. An ecommerce spends more than 90% of their budget on driving traffic to their website; wouldn’t it be wise to make the most out of these coming visitors? This blog discusses 5 ways you can use digital marketing to boost ROI for your ecommerce.

Let’s look at our digital marketing tips for you:

1. Improve quality of traffic

How do you improve the quality of traffic to your website? Using relevant targeted keywords is your answer. For instance, if your shop only sells chocolates and your targeted keyword is “bakery products”, it will attract irrelevant traffic to your website. It will not bring relevant and quality traffic to your website. These users may not be interested in buying the product. Thus, optimize your digital marketing strategies and target the right keywords to attract the right traffic.

2. Target impulse sale online

Offline retailers use many innovative strategies to pull customers and eventually influence them to buy. Generally they place chocolates near the cash counter which influences customers to buy on an impulse. How do you integrate that online? A great digital marketing trick is to give the customers an impression that the product would not last for long. For instance, using words like “limited edition”, “offer ending soon” is a great way to influence the customers to buy on an impulse.

3. Trust signals should be made prominent

Most of the customers cannot buy products online because they lack trust. Trust is one of the key steps in the conversion funnel. How do you make customers coming to your website trust you? You can include testimonials or a reviews section on your website. This digital marketing tip works great. This will help the customers trust you even more. Remember how word-of-mouth was one of the biggest ways of marketing? Today, it’s e-word-of-mouth!

4. Identify the pain points

Customers, who are not used to buying online, are also concerned about the shipping charges. Make their journey hassle-free by highlighting these pain points. So, highlight the words “free shipping” or “free shipping worldwide”. This digital marketing trick will convince them of a less problematic experience, and they will definitely consider buying.

5. Navigation should be easy

When a user lands on your website, he should quickly be able to navigate through your website. This increases conversion rates massively. The user should be able to access whatever he wants in a few simple steps. A tiring long process would bore the user and they would not continue further.

Thus, using these digital marketing tips helps you increase ROI for your ecommerce business.

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