5 best ways SEO agencies can report return on investment

5 great ways SEO agencies can report ROI to their clients

Many clients complain about not understanding what they pay their SEO agencies for. Preparing reports sounds like an easy task. However, it is only easy if you send automated reports to your clients. That’s obviously not how it’s done. Automated reports are too complex to decode for your clients. Listed below are a few disadvantages of sending an automated report to the client:

  1. Too much data
  2. Difficult terminologies such as “bounce rate”
  3. No pictorial or graphical representation of data

Now, if a business is paying you for your SEO services, wouldn’t they want to know how their money is being utilized? Well, it’s only fair. Let’s look at a few ways SEO agencies can report ROI to their clients.

  • Stop sending automated reports

Seriously! It is important for SEO agencies to stop sending automated Google Analytics reports. If you want your clients to know what they’re getting in return for the investment they make, it’s best to avoid these automated reports. Decreasing bounce rates only worry them more! They do not understand how it is good for them. Google Analytics is a great tool, but that’s only because we are marketers who are accustomed to it. For the client, it’s just too much data that makes no sense.

  • Track calls and report the outcome

Insert numbers and track calls. This allows you to track the source of all incoming calls. You can set these calls as your goals in Google Analytics. Additionally, the landing page report can tell you exactly which pages were responsible for getting the call. So, you can present this particular number to your client in the report. It adds more value as you as an SEO agency added this page to your client’s site which helped them gain more number of calls.

  • Focus on conversions

This is one of the most important tasks for the SEO agency. Ask yourself, what does your client want? Of course, the number of people you actually drove to sales. Thus, the number of conversions should be the focus of your report. Present these figures in a tabular or graphical form. Let the client know how much value you added as their SEO agency.

  • Calculate the revenue

Clients love SEO agencies that do this! Calculate the revenue you have earned for your client and report it to them. It is simple really! Below is the formula to calculate the revenue earned:

Estimate Revenue = Lifetime Value of a Customer x Closing Ratio (%) x Number of Conversions

Present this number in the report and compare the amount paid to you and the return on their investment. This makes any client feel more secure and helps you as an SEO agency get recommended in the market. Moreover, this is the language the client understands unlike “bounce rate”.

  • Attach before and after screenshots

Tired of the client calls because they see one keyword not performing well? Every other SEO agency faces this problem! Attaching screenshots of how the search engine results page looked earlier for a particular keyword and how it looks now is much better than sending the keyword ranking report. Clients don’t understand these reports. You will not regret this decision. Highlight the keywords doing significantly well by attaching their screenshots.

Remember; think more like a business owner and less like a marketer. That is the key while preparing reports! Match the reports with the goals set by the business owner. Make it more conversion-oriented. If you’re an SEO agency, you should follow these tips and you won’t be pulling out your hair every other week.

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