5 Roadblocks to clear for enhanced ecommerce conversions

An ecommerce website is always a work-in-progress. To cope up with the latest updates in coding standards, search engine algorithms, design frameworks and continuously changing consumer behavior, you need to be updated and make necessary changes in the site.

This post talks about 5 most essential to-be-cleared roadblocks for ensuring that every lead is converted to the business. Without wasting much time, let’s get on it!

#5 A cluttered homepage

In any case, your website should not be cluttered, especially the home page! A cluttered website asks your customers to leave the site without even scrolling down once. So keep it clean and well-organized in every manner.

#4 Ambiguous payment gateway

Imagine that a harried shopper is searching for something and he lands upon your website for his last try of the day. Fortunately, he finds the product and proceeds to payment gateway. He wants to specifically pay through his credit card but what if it is not included in your payment options? What would he do? He’d just dump you, like obviously! So better to be careful and not make such mistakes!

#3 Complicated checkouts

Simplify your check out page as most of the abandons happen here only. And the reason can be anything – ambiguous content, complex forms or not-so-specific cost breakdown. It’s better to be careful and keep the checkout page (actually the whole website) simple!

#2 Inability to find the right product

In case your customer is searching for something and is unable to find what he is looking for, it may become the biggest cause for your conversion turn-off. To help him out, you can show him the search suggestions as soon as he types something in the SEARCH tab.

#1 Troublesome navigation

Your ecommerce website should have a clear navigation. It should show the most essential categories and cover the least important in the mega drop-down menu. As a human brain is wired to notice the top and bottom content more than what lies in the middle, you can repeat the main categories at the bottom of the page as well.