“5 Sins” of Affiliate Marketing.

Today, there are numerous digital marketing agencies in India who provide different marketing solutions for ecommerce development. But with growing development in ecommerce marketing, now Affiliate Marketing is also a buzz, today. The companies operating in affiliate channels have remarkable experience in operating affiliate programs, but they too end up making mistakes which can be easily avoided.

Affiliate Program Operators can easily avoid the following five worst practices:

1. Letting interested people wait for weeks just to know whether you will let them join or not, may give a negative reflection on your company, even hurting your business. Always remember that there are plenty of options available in the business and your laid-back attitude can become an opportunity for your rival.

2. Always make sure to give a good reason to your prospective affiliate for rejecting his application, this reflects a positive impression not only on one whom you have rejected but also on the others who would like to join your program. While doing so you will also get to know about the reasons or the issues you had with their applications and you may pass a quality affiliate you might have rejected by mistake.

3. Neglecting small affiliates over the big ones is a quite common mistake. An opportunity to build strong relationships with smaller affiliate should not be underestimated.The affiliates like to test different programs so you should be aware that may be the one whom you recognize as small can actually have the potential to drive a significant amount of business. Never lose an opportunity to build relationship with your smaller affiliates.

4. A channel been set up needs ongoing investments as affiliates increasingly tend to access modern tools like data feeds and APIs, all of which should be implemented thoughtfully. Helping your affiliates helps you, but operators fail to innovate with their offerings leaving their affiliates in disguise.

5. Affiliate programs should be given an equal attention by the company otherwise channel under performs and everyone loses. Companies invest in these programs and then forget about them resulting in giving low efficiency of programs, once you have set up a program you cannot afford stay easy.