5 Social Media Tricks to Boost Your Ecommerce

When it comes to ecommerce marketing, it’s necessary that you use social media as well. You can’t afford to ignore all the useful attributes of social media. It’s very easy to promote your products and services on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media platforms will help you build audience which are critical for your business. That’s why these social sites can become your dedicated ecommerce developers and by following a few useful tips below would help you to use social media more effectively to promote the ecommerce business.

Post content on daily basis

Be it Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, you need to add content on daily basis. The consistency in your posts will let you know about different tastes of your customers. So make sure that you postings are at optimum level. The minimum number of posts for Facebook is once per day and it can be 4 to 6 posts a day for Twitter. The timing of your posts is also very important. There are few tools like Swayy and Buffer which you can use to automate the whole process. Swayy can be used to find news and articles which are related to your business. On the other hand, you can use Buffer to schedule all your posts for future which will save your time half an hour each day.

Use Images more frequently

Studies have proved that photos work best when it comes to Facebook. People are more likely to show interest in your content if it’s picture based. Apart from images, you can share links, albums and videos on Facebook. For twitter, you must use quotes more often. Though you can also share pictures and videos on your twitter account, they are less popular way to share the information.

Add Social Media buttons to your portal

In order to get the full advantage of social media, you must add Facebook, Twitter and other relevant social media buttons on your portal. This will encourage people to share their stories, reviews and complaints with you. Another reason in support of this point is that people tend to voice their concern more on social media than through email.

Post micro content

Today no one has the time to read long articles. All you have to do is shorten the content and make sure it still delivers the message to your target audience. For example, Vine app lets you make small videos of 6 seconds which can be easily shared on social media platforms. This has become a popular way to share videos amongst youngsters.

Run online campaignsNothing works better than a campaign which engages your audience and goes viral. For example, ask a simple question once a week on Twitter and Facebook and encourage your community to participate in these sessions. This will not only spread the word about your product but also popularize your product in social arena.


Many of the above strategies are time tested and have proved to be beneficial in longer run. There are also other ways to boost your social media presence which can usher your online business.

As most of these strategies are easy to implement, you can start using them right away and leverage on the popularity of social media to promote your online marketplace and get more customers.