5 Strategies to Increase Your Ecommerce Store Revenue

It doesn’t matter if you have been doing business for “many years” and you consider yourself a seasoned player. But when it comes to ecommerce, it’s a different ball game altogether. You might have to learn a few new tricks before taking a plunge in the ocean of ecommerce.

1.Tempt your customers

How did you feel when you heeded the waiter at the restaurant when he asked you about the dessert? You knew the dessert was not free, but the waiter had successfully tempted you to order one. Include the same technique to your ecommerce marketing strategy as well. Add a strong call to action content in your website in order to convince your customers to buy products. Suggest your visitors about related products or tell them about similar products which other buyers have bought. Entice them with limited time offers. They are really going to like it.

2.Exclusive online offers

Believe it or not a lot many people actually go through a lot of online sites and eventually buy the product from the nearest store. This phenomenon is actually quite common. Well, you can counter this tendency by offering them exclusive online offers which are way better than the discounts offered at the local store. A word of caution- online shoppers are quite smart and well educated. So don’t even think about conning them with false promises. This brings bad repute to your website.

3.Free Shipping

Before you jump out in disbelief, let me explain my point. I am not asking you to ship all your products for free but decide upon a cut off when to ship the goods for free. Let’s say if the order consists of more than 10 products then you can ship them for free. Shoppers really hate to pay the extra shipping charges while receiving their order. Especially when it’s a huge amount.

4.Excellent customer service

Stun your customers with lightning speed service and astounding accuracy. Trust me, they will become your fans forever. They will not only revisit your website in future but will also spread the good word about your website. No amount of marketing or advertising can deliver results like a satisfied customer does. You don’t have to work 24X7 and the truth is nobody can. But make sure that all the queries and complaints are addressed within 24 hours.

5.Give out complete information

Nothing is more frustrating than a half-baked website. How would you feel if you discover the total price to be different than the price on display? Display clear and actual pictures of your product. Never shy away from giving out actual and vital information of the product. This is where hiring a digital marketing agency comes in handy. They will help you with the content which is compelling and credible. This may lead to higher incoming traffic and your site will be referred as an authority site.The main idea behind this blog was to help you close the deal on your website and nowhere else. The above points are based on human psychology rather than technical knowledge. Online platform is quite different from in-person selling. That’s why majority of your time should be spent wisely on improving your content.