5 Sure-fire ways to make Black Friday a sure success

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two busiest days when your ecommerce store has to bear maximum traffic. This holiday season of 2016 is just around the corner and you must have a plan to rock the floor, do you? Having said that the countdown to these two biggest holiday sales has begun, are you ready with your strategy to succeed? Whether yes or no – some pointers below would definitely come to your help:

5. Don’t wait, start now!

According to a research, every year, around 35% of customers start to search for the shopping offers in the October end and early November. So better you start your sale preparations as early as you can and inform your customers about your upcoming deals.

4. Build a buzz about your sale

Social media is the right platform! Zillions of people use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. This is the golden channel for marketing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday exclusive offers. Your customers will not only get excited about your excellent offers but they’ll also do free advertising for you! Hard to believe? If you have a good fan base on Twitter, then tweet an exciting deal and see how many people retweet it!

3. Don’t forget to create the abandoned cart e-mails

Along with increased traffic, even cart abandonment rate increases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. One of the most effective ways to keep this number as low as possible, set up to send a compelling e-mail to those who add products to cart but leave the cart in half-way. By sending an excellent e-mail, you can convince them to come back and finish their purchase.

2. Test your website

Ensure that your ecommerce site development is such that it’s capable of handling a surge in traffic. On these holidays, a lot of simultaneous requests to your site can bog it down and crash it potentially. With some tools like Load Impact or Blitz, you can check your store’s server load capacity. It’s good to ensure that the host can handle a sudden spike in traffic.

1. Make contingency plans

What if the shipping company you work with, gets busy with something else? What if your website suddenly goes down? What if a big bug is found on the day of sale? Would you be able to wake up your web developer at mid night and fix it up? What if there is any kind of emergency? Well, we aren’t stirring up any fears here. We just want you to be prepared for the worst case. Be ready for anything and everything comes all of a sudden!

All the best!

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