5 Ways high-quality images can drive you more sales

If your website is getting traffic, it’s good! But while running an ecommerce business, you need to know that your goal is to make sales! This is the reason why it is also essential to focus on the conversion rate. There are a number of factors that influence your overall sales.

Hiring a well-known digital marketing agency can certainly help you. But whether you hire digital marketing services or not, you need to look after certain things as you are the owner of your online business.

One of the factors affecting your ecommerce conversions is the quality of your product images and how you display them. Customers love to see what they purchase and it’s needless to say that good pictures have a potential to engage the customers. It is a truth that whatever site they go to, they look for something colorful, glamorous, stylish and visually appealing. For this, nothing can be better than splendid photographs of your products.

Have a look to a few tips below to boost up your sales:

1) Use larger images than the usual ones

Many studies have shown that larger photographs get more clicks than the normal ones. If the website UI doesn’t allow you to accommodate large photographs, then also there is an option to show larger images to the customers. Enable the larger photographs when someone clicks or hover on the product thumbnail.

2) Target the customers’ emotions with right images

Quality and high resolution images have a potential to engage the emotions of your customers. It is a proven fact that majority of the people purchase the products because of an emotional reason. Using 360 degree and visually appealing images can be the best option!

3) Use relevant images only

Using good visuals doesn’t mean you randomly pick any! Whatever photograph you use anywhere on your ecommerce website, should support the overall gist of that particular page and the content. Particularly, it is essential that you use a relevant and high-quality image on the landing page because it ultimately drives visitors to the linked page.

4) Remove unwanted images and graphics from your site

Unwanted graphic elements unnecessarily make your website a clutter and make the visitors hate your site. Better to keep it as simple as possible! The simpler it would be, the more a visitor would browse it!

5) Use trust badges

You might think what such badges have to do with the conversion rate! But yes, it has! In today’s arena where a billion of ecommerce companies have come to the market, you have to build a trust level among the audience. And when people would have faith and trust in you, they would more likely to buy from you.

Apart from this, you should also place your clients’ photographs along with their testimonials. Another option is to put their short testimonial video clips.

However these tips would help you boost up the sales, we would like to invite you to opt for our digital marketing services. We have successfully popularized many brands across the world and we can do that for you as well!