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6 Killer calls-to-action for your email marketing

An email can help draw immense traffic to your website and increase your conversion ratio. However, this can only happen if you use the right call-to-actions. That’s what we are here for! In this blog, we discuss some amazing call-to-actions that will help every business convert subscribers through email marketing.

Mentioned below are a few calls-to-action you must consider for your email marketing campaigns:

  • Short and sweet (Get a deal)

Keep it simple, silly! Yes, your calls-to-action should preferably be short and sweet. It’s not a thumb rule. However, ideally calls-to-action should be 2-5 word long for email marketing. Your call-to-action sometimes might also extend up to 7 words, but it needs to be clear and brief. The call-to-action should complement the copy in the mail. Using brief, clear and concise call-to-actions increase chances of people clicking through your email marketing campaign.

  • Sense of urgency (Limited period offer)

Create a sense of urgency amongst your target. Compel them to take an action through your email marketing campaign. Use present tense, active words that make people do something, such as “act fast”, “limited time”, “now”, etc.

  • Include an incentive (50% off, cashback)

Why should customers click on your call-to-action? How will they benefit? Maybe give them a premium offer or cashback. However, your email marketing copy should complement the call-to-action. These call-to-actions usually work more as compared to others.

  • Capitalize on fear (Don’t miss out)

Every person wants to boast about their belongings. Capitalizing on fear through your email marketing campaign encourages them to take an action. Following are a few examples of how you can use this:

  • Get it before it’s gone
  • Don’t miss out!
  • Shop at the best prices
  • Buy a limited edition product


  • The button size matters

Worried if your call-to-action button will be noticed? Well, it is actually a matter of concern. Ideally your call-to-action button for your email marketing campaign should work on every device. It is also necessary to pick the right button colour. The colour should be bold and attractive. It should catch the reader’s eye! You can A/B test emails and that’s the best thing to understand how your emails look to different people.

  • Add prices

Including prices is the best call-to-action ever. If a subscriber clicks on the price, it means the reader is interested in the product. This increases the chance of conversion and click-through rate of your email marketing campaign. Below are a few examples:

  • Book your copy for 20 Rs.
  • Shop electronics under 5000 Rs.
  • Find the perfect gift under 1000 Rs.
  • Go all out!

Some brands use trendy and bold words to attract more eyeballs and increase click-through rates. If your target is the young audience, it’s best to use trending words such as “selfie”. The idea is to not speak corporate, it’s better to create an informal rapport with your email marketing campaign.

Call-to-action is a crucial element of your email marketing and hence, choosing an appropriate word is also necessary. Go, start drafting your copy now!

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