7 Critical SEO Mistakes Leaders Must Avoid

Whether you have already a B2B marketplace or it is your dream – in both the cases, it is very important to choose the right ecommerce solutions if you really want to succeed! SEO is one of such important solution and it is not a walk in the park! At times, you do commit some serious mistakes which can cost you an entire campaign. Here are some of the critical mistakes which every SEO expert must avoid (in his/her lifetime).

Analytics Paralytics – If you want to mess up your SEO strategy big time then probably you can start with neglecting the analytics part. On a serious note, you can’t just ignore the importance of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

SEO experts need to be a jack of all trades. They are required to handle the analysis, marketing and business development. If you really care about your website then do pay attention towards the analytics part or else face strict action from Google.

Zombie Links – If you have a site which has many permalinks, then chances are that your site would have accumulated a decent number of broken links over a period of time. To avoid this, all you have to do is some basic cleaning up of your website. You may argue that broken link is a natural phenomenon and you have nothing to do with it. Well, my friend anything which irritates customers will irritate Google and you don’t want that, do you?

Copy-Paste Cat – If you can’t get good content then please don’t copy it from your competitor’s site. This is a major concern in SEO realm. The moment you are caught with the plagiarized content you can kiss your online rankings goodbye. If you can’t get the right content for yourself then hire an expert who can do it for you. This will at least save you the blushes.

Depressing Taglines and Super Depressing Description – By adding uninspiring taglines and irrelevant description you can achieve negative publicity for your website. Come on, guys! It’s not that difficult to come up with creative tags and meta description. All you have to keep in mind is that the title should be relevant and click-worthy. So that when a person shares the link of the content it goes viral instantly. If you can’t even do this then start looking for other career options.

Jumbled up Keywords – Only if you have failed to understand the concept of keywords you can totally mess up with the SEO keywords. If you think that by stuffing the keywords in your content will save the day then you are wrong because Google has plenty of tools up its sleeves to bust you and send your website down in rankings. Keywords are the ingredients that help your content to appear in the search index of Google and by cleverly choosing the right words you are going to invite a lot of traffic.

Zero Social Media – Love it or hate it but you can’t ignore it. Being an SEO expert, you can’t afford to stay away from Social Media. It doesn’t require a lot of resources. You can create your facebook or twitter account for free of charge and start promoting your brand instantly. It’s really hard to believe why so many SEO experts undermine the importance of Social Media.

Wrong Anchor Text Links – If you are trying very hard to stay away from Anchor Text Links then you are hurting your own SEO campaign. They are the magnets which attract search engine crawlers. It’s a skill you will need to build over a period of time which will definitely help achieve the desired result. Of course not at the stake of inviting Google’s ire.

SEO is not rocket science but it’s not a child’s play either. All you have to do is keep these pointers in mind and the rest will be taken care by Google.