7 Signs you need a social media marketing agency

7 Signs you need a social media marketing agency

Everybody is on social media! It’s where everything goes viral – be it memes or videos. It is almost a cardinal sin, if you are not already present on social media. Do you think your product is boring? Do you think it is so boring that it doesn’t need to be noticed by 2 billion social media users out there? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. This blog looks at certain signs that prove you need a social media marketing agency at your rescue.

Mentioned below are a few signs that prove your business is in dire need of a social media marketing agency:

  • Why do I need to “pin it”?

Is that a question you or your bosses ask in the organization? Yes? Well then you definitely need a social media marketing agency. This means that you are not aware of social media platforms available such as Pinterest or Twitter. It’s best to educate yourself and your colleagues about the various social media channels and their uses. You can then identify which platform would best suit your business and accordingly plan with the agency.

  • Your social media executive lives in the stress city!

Well, this means you do have a social media presence but your executive is overloaded. Your executive has to manage the account, schedule tons of content to be posted, respond to customer questions on Facebook, handle complaints pouring through Twitter, reply to comments on Instagram, ideate campaigns, allocate budget to campaigns on all social media platforms uniformly and prepare weekly reports. Phew! Isn’t that too much? A social media marketing agency takes care of all these services as they have a team of resources. It decreases the stress levels for you.

  • 1 Like, No comments, 0 Shares

Is this the case with all your social media posts? Do you get no retweets? Well then this obviously is not a good scenario. This is a sign that your content isn’t reaching the right target audience. Social media channels have hyper-targeting options. Hence, a social media marketing agency can definitely help you improve this and increase engagement on your posts with the right kind of audience.

  • You respond to comments after 10 hours

Responding to comments or tweets becomes the last priority if you’re the only person who is replying to mails, conducting meetings with clients, managing finances along with several other tasks. Doesn’t it? This proves you are in dire need of a social media marketing agency that can respond to engagement and that too in time.  Response time is crucial in today’s era. In fact, 42% of customers expect responses from brands within 60 minutes! Thus, response to engagement within a short period of time is absolutely essential.

  • You post only once a week

Churning out content every day or every other day is difficult. However, it is essential to keep your audience engaged with your page. Imagine, your page has no activity, how would people feel connected to it? That’s why you need a social media marketing agency that can strategize campaigns for you, plan when to post content and monitor social media activities. You could look at the services offered by Ecumen!

  • Auto – everything!

I agree automation is awesome and fascinating! However, does it understand emotions? Sarcasm? No, it doesn’t! With Buffer and Feedly you can tweet, post tons of content. It is not a healthy way to communicate with your audience as they can see right through this tactic. Sentiment matching cannot detect the actual emotion or context of the tweet or post. Hence, automating is not the answer to everything!

  • Facebook – Only social media platform

If you’re the one who believes Facebook is the only social media platform, you definitely need a social media marketing agency. Yes, Facebook is easy to use, but you cannot build your brand only through that. Instagram has a wide social media reach, Twitter is fast, Pinterest is very engaging and stimulating. Every channel has its own advantages. You can choose the best for your brand and increase your brand value through an integrated marketing strategy.

Do you want to be an anti-social-media or be on the top of the game? Then hire a social media marketing agency!

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