7 ways Pinterest boosts your ecommerce sales

Being an ecommerce start up, it is crucial to have a full-fledged promotion strategy for your business. It should include each and every aspect of digital marketing. Many businesses don’t give much importance to social media promotions, which can actually help their businesses boost sales. Pinterest is one which has been sidelined most of the times. If you’re doing this, you’re missing a good opportunity to earn easy profit! Following infographic would guide you how Pinterest can boost your ecommerce sales. Read to have a better idea:

7 ways Pinterest boosts your ecommerce sales Infographics


Show behind-the-scene stuff

Your audience would love to see how your products are made or how you pack and ship them. So pull back the curtain and show your Pinterest followers what’s happening inside your business.

Create a brand history board

Let your Pinterest followers know how you’ve converted your hobby into a successful business. With the use of old products, show them how much you’ve grown.

Reuse the existing content

Pin the images and videos that are already available with you and waiting to be shared. Doesn’t matter whether you’ve already used them before in your blogs or somewhere else! This would save your time.

Tell your fans to show-off your products

If your product offerings are apparels or jewelry, ask your shoppers to share photos wearing them. If furniture is your business line, ask them to show off their design space where they’ve used your product.

Link, link and link

Add a link to your pin’s description. This will make it one click simple for your that fan who has liked your product and wishes to buy.

Include product price in your pins

Don’t forget to include the product price in your pin description. A shopper who wants to buy that product, can know its cost there only. This will also drive interested people to your online store.

Remember that it’s not all about just YOU

Even if you’ve got a huge range of products, you’ll shortly feel out of photos to pin. It’s wise to allow your fans to create their own boards and add photos. These can show off their techy side or a fashionista inside!