A complete SEO guide every ecommerce site should follow [PART II]

You might have set a foolproof marketing strategy and a lot of promotional traits for your ecommerce business. But if these can also not give your site a visibility in the top search engine results, then accept the fact that you need to focus more on the SEO side. For that, you can hire a good digital marketing agency that provides effective marketing solutions.

Whether you hire it or not, we will continue to guide you in the best way possible. So as promised in our previous post, we are back once again with the next dose of SEO tips which would help your online business. Have a look!

No. 6: Add 2-3 paras of content to the category pages

Your product category pages are bread-butter for you. They hold a significant importance for an overall site performance. Add almost 300 to 350 words of content in each of the category page. Use the long-tail keywords that you want to target for that particular category. This would help your page rank for these long-tail keywords. But you have to take care that it must not be a duplicate or plagiarized content.

No. 7: Add ALT tags to the images

Generally, an ecommerce site is full of images. For an instance, if you have a total of 2000 products on your site, with 3 images per product. Means total 6000 images for just the products and there would also be some images for banners and blogs. You can take benefit by giving them ALT tags but it’d be tedious to add them for each image. To make this process simple, you can create a script that automatically creates ALT tags from the file name.

No. 8: Start using breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are best as they create even more internal links for you! Along with improving your users’ journey, they also help Google to navigate around your website. Most of the ecommerce stores keep this as a practice and you should, too.

No. 9: Fix 404 page errors

According to many experts, a 404 page error never affects your SEO rankings. But it definitely affects the journey of your site visitors. While browsing the products on your online store, if somebody lands on a 404 page, chances are there that he/she leaves the site at that right moment.

We hope that these SEO tips would help your online business rank in top search engine results. In case you need any help or guidance regarding the same, reach us here! Being a renowned digital marketing agency, we have successfully delivered our digital marketing services to many clients across the globe and helped them boost their business revenues.