Adopt a Child, Get 50k Allowance: Flipkart’s new CSR initiative

Today, for ecommerce marketing, the companies don’t hesitate to add some unusual things to their ecommerce marketing strategies. But wait, this is something else!

This is about Flipkart which is creating new benchmarks in setting up practices that focus on well-being of employees and encourage better work-life balance for employees.

No wonder then that Flipkart is not just emerging as the best and the fastest growing ecommerce player but is also geared up to become India’s most favorite work place, as it started giving unusual benefits to its employees. In the beginning of this month, Flipkart came up with a maternity benefit program which entitled all new mothers at Flipkart to get paid maternity leaves of 6 months along with flexible working hours of 4 months with full pay and one-year career break without pay.

Now, to bring their corporate social responsibilities to an appreciative level, Flipkart has introduced a new program called ‘Adoption Assistance Program’ for the employees who are willing to adopt a child. This program includes:

Financial Assistance:

Employees who are adopting a child would be eligible for an adoption allowance of INR 50,000 which can be used towards legal, agency, regulatory and other costs that may arise during the adoption process.

Adoption Leaves:

  • Adopting mothers would be entitled to the same leaves as provided in maternity leave program (6 months of paid leaves and 4 months of flexible working hours)
  • Adopting fathers would be entitled to 6 weeks of paid leaves

Additional Time Off:

The employee would be entitled to additional extended unpaid leaves for up to 3 months along with assurance of continuity on the same job.

Additional Support:

Additional support from wellness coach would be provided to employees for childcare, parenting, emotional health, family health, work-life balance and more. Also, counselling and referral services would be offered to those who are considering child adoption and those who have already adopted a child.

The good thing is that Flipkart gives allowance of INR 50,000 which is INR 4,000 more than the actual cost of the adoption process as per the adoption guidelines of the government. On the other hand, Flipkart has also made the thing clear that these allowances and leaves would not be valid for those female employees who want to sponsor a child in an institutional care program.

India is a country with the largest population of children who are abandoned, orphaned, deserted or in institutional care. But child adoption in India is not practiced and is still not a comfortable topic for many. However, according to the data received from CARA (Central Adoption Resource Authority), India has witnessed 1368 adoptions of children in the first quarter of 2015.

It is indeed a great step taken by Flipkart through its CSR activity with which more and more working couples will be motivated and encouraged to adopt children. With lots of such efforts, Flipkart always tries to endow the opportunities to the employees to look after their personal commitments. In this way, the company encourages its employees to love their work along with maintaining the balance between their professional and personal lives.

This just proves that ecommerce agencies and ecommerce marketplaces are no more focusing just on sales and profits but are also looking to retain their employees by keeping them satisfied and also think of taking up a cause that will benefit the society at large.