Attention! Your TV has caught a new virus!

Did you watch the new “Aur Dikhao” ad by Amazon?

An ecommerce company talking about choices and Indian society with a song is one of the most amazing ads of all times! It ensures a smile on everyone’s face.


Aaj se recharge nahi Freecharge!

TV ads based on everyday situations about low balance and mobile recharge in a fun and wacky manner is an example of great advertising.


So yes, the virus that we are talking about, that has taken Television Advertising for a toss, is Ecommerce. Be it famous ecommerce brands like Flipkart or Amazon, or newer brands like Lenskart or Zivame, everyone is trying to gain attention through TV ads.


The ad features a young guy in a confused state of mind! His specs change depending on the feedback from the girl he is trying to impress! Lenskart is the new cool in advertising.



Almost all the ads by Flipakart are filled with humor and wit. If you are an ecommerce company looking for inspiration, you should probably look upto Flipkart’s advertising.


The online space is overpowering the advertising scenario. Top three examples of it are:

  1. Ecommerce portals are being advertised in Television Commercials
  2. These commercials have a social media call to action
  3. Telecom service providers are promoting internet plans

If you are watching television continuously for an hour, you will most certainly come across an ad by Flipkart, Snapdeal or some other ecommerce portal. This shows the dominance of ecommerce on TVCs and the overall advertising scenario. Ecommerce companies spend a great deal on promoting their deals and offers.

Even new niche platforms like Lenskart and Zivame are spending a galore to get customers on their website and make them buy. They are cleverly using TVCs to grab the attention of the audiences.

Telecom service providers who used to initially promote talk time and roaming are now focusing on internet plans. With the increase in internet penetration and the use of smartphones, the trend of mobile commerce will grow by leaps and bounds.

If there is one thing most people check every day it has to be their social media accounts, be it Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. The craze for social interaction leads to new opportunities for marketers who are looking at targeting the youth.

To integrate their communication, ecommerce brands use a social media call to action in their Television ads. These brands are using new ways and techniques to drive audiences to their website.

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