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5 Digital marketing tips to boost ROI for ecommerce

It is important for ecommerce businesses to invest in digital marketing. An ecommerce business always has more number of customers visiting their website. Hence, it’s important for them to increase their marketing activities. An ecommerce spends more than 90% of their budget on driving traffic to their website; wouldn’t it be wise to make the […]

Email marketing trends to look out for in 2018!

Email marketing isn’t going to die any soon! If your business operates only online, then email becomes all the more important for your business. Social media platforms tend to disappear or change their algorithms; however, email marketing is here to stay! So, want to know which email marketing trends to follow in 2018? Read this […]

5 great ways SEO agencies can report ROI to their clients

Many clients complain about not understanding what they pay their SEO agencies for. Preparing reports sounds like an easy task. However, it is only easy if you send automated reports to your clients. That’s obviously not how it’s done. Automated reports are too complex to decode for your clients. Listed below are a few disadvantages […]