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Best examples of ecommerce checkout page design

As you are here, it means either you already have an ecommerce business or you want to do so. Doesn’t matter! But if you’re in ecommerce sector, then it’s essential that you have a full-fledged site and for that, you need to have proper ecommerce website development. You have to make sure that everything is done in correct manner – right from choosing a theme to developing a checkout page.

Checkout page is the heart of your entire website because it takes care of actual selling of your products. So whether you hire an ecommerce development agency or do it yourself, you should make sure that your ‘proceed to payment’ part doesn’t have any loophole. Following are some examples of websites having perfect checkout page, which you can take inspiration from and convert the site visitors into customers:

1. Dune London

Dune-Best examples of ecommerce checkout page design

For any checkout page, it’s essential that the customer can clearly see what is there in his/her cart, what he’s going to pay for. Duke London knows this art better than anyone else. They show the summary of products which are added to the cart. Clearly showing your customer what he/she is going to pay for makes good impact. It enhances the transparency and trust level along with conveying that there is no hidden cost.

2. Simply Hike

Simply Hike - Best examples of ecommerce checkout page design

Simply Hike has also done a good ecommerce website development. They best know how to treat their customers. They offer different shipping options like ‘Express’ and ‘Standard’ to their customers. Along with shipping, they also offer various payment options to assure that their customer doesn’t return just because of unavailability of his/her preferred payment option. This point can treat the issue of cart abandonment at a certain level.

3. Amazon.com

Amazon - Best examples of ecommerce checkout page design

When it comes to ecommerce website development, it’s a common perception for designers and developers to come up with options like ‘Add to Wishlist’, ‘Buy Later’ or ‘Continue Shopping’ on checkout page. But Amazon has something else to offer to their customers – either buy the products that are in cart or close the window. Nothing in between! By doing this, they make sure that once a site visitor reaches the checkout page; he/she must not get distracted from proceeding to final purchase. Thoughtful ecommerce development, isn’t it?

Being in ecommerce sector, you must know the art of attracting and convincing your site visitors so that you can turn them into your potential customers. Above examples will help you understand it in a better way.

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