BOB KNOWS Real Time Alerts Now Gets An Edge!

Won’t it be wonderful if you could know your travel schedule & cancellations, your child’s school alerts, your favorite football team score at your fingertips? It’s possible now with the help of this application!

There has been a recent launch of BOB KNOWS -A smart messaging app for iPhone that works as a message receiving platform for users. Here, you can subscribe to different categories of the services & the application will notify you about them.

The basic idea behind the app is to give a cost effective alternative to SMS messages & make information about & around you more interesting. The app behaves as an interactive source of information giving you notifications about your favorite services. If your train or tram is going to be late, if your children’s school is closed today, if your favorite football team has scored or if your favorite store has a 2 for 1 offer, the app says it all.

The app contains a very modern, padded navigational structure, replicating today’s current touch-screen technology.

The app includes,

  • Registration page (for first-time users) where you can feed in your details and the app will make sure you get the desired information.
  • Services page where currently you get the option of school & travel alerts.
  • Subscription page where you can subscribe to the choice of your school or your travel destination

It also contains tabs like:

  • Inbox where you can receive alert messages
  • Your Alerts where a list of alerts is showcased and enabled by users
  • You can also provide Feedback to make the next version more competitive.

In the techie bit, Communication Crafts – a leading provider of online marketing services, has built the app by using Wireframing tools, SDKiPhone 4.x with the data being fetched through API from a central server. The application is best to send some real time messages. This application has been designed as a cost effective alternative to the schemes of SMS. Now the pattern and the application of the SMS gets redefined with the help of this new App. A full-fledged integration with the internet offers the organizations to deliver some real time messages which saves on time and efficiency.

Curious to know what this app knows all about! Head over to iTunes and give your feedbacks.