5 best ways SEO agencies can report return on investment

5 great ways SEO agencies can report ROI to their clients

Many clients complain about not understanding what they pay their SEO agencies for. Preparing reports sounds like an easy task. However, it is only easy if you send automated reports to your clients. That’s obviously not how it’s done. Automated reports are too complex to decode for your clients. Listed below are a few disadvantages of sending an automated report to the client:

  1. Too much data
  2. Difficult terminologies such as “bounce rate”
  3. No pictorial or graphical representation of data

Now, if a business is paying you for your SEO services, wouldn’t they want to know how their money is being utilized? Well, it’s only fair. Let’s look at a few ways SEO agencies can report ROI to their clients.

  • Stop sending automated reports

Seriously! It is important for SEO agencies to stop sending automated Google Analytics reports. If you want your clients to know what they’re getting in return for the investment they make, it’s best to avoid these automated reports. Decreasing bounce rates only worry them more! They do not understand how it is good for them. Google Analytics is a great tool, but that’s only because we are marketers who are accustomed to it. For the client, it’s just too much data that makes no sense.

  • Track calls and report the outcome

Insert numbers and track calls. This allows you to track the source of all incoming calls. You can set these calls as your goals in Google Analytics. Additionally, the landing page report can tell you exactly which pages were responsible for getting the call. So, you can present this particular number to your client in the report. It adds more value as you as an SEO agency added this page to your client’s site which helped them gain more number of calls.

  • Focus on conversions

This is one of the most important tasks for the SEO agency. Ask yourself, what does your client want? Of course, the number of people you actually drove to sales. Thus, the number of conversions should be the focus of your report. Present these figures in a tabular or graphical form. Let the client know how much value you added as their SEO agency.

  • Calculate the revenue

Clients love SEO agencies that do this! Calculate the revenue you have earned for your client and report it to them. It is simple really! Below is the formula to calculate the revenue earned:

Estimate Revenue = Lifetime Value of a Customer x Closing Ratio (%) x Number of Conversions

Present this number in the report and compare the amount paid to you and the return on their investment. This makes any client feel more secure and helps you as an SEO agency get recommended in the market. Moreover, this is the language the client understands unlike “bounce rate”.

  • Attach before and after screenshots

Tired of the client calls because they see one keyword not performing well? Every other SEO agency faces this problem! Attaching screenshots of how the search engine results page looked earlier for a particular keyword and how it looks now is much better than sending the keyword ranking report. Clients don’t understand these reports. You will not regret this decision. Highlight the keywords doing significantly well by attaching their screenshots.

Remember; think more like a business owner and less like a marketer. That is the key while preparing reports! Match the reports with the goals set by the business owner. Make it more conversion-oriented. If you’re an SEO agency, you should follow these tips and you won’t be pulling out your hair every other week.

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7 Signs you need a social media marketing agency

7 Signs you need a social media marketing agency

Everybody is on social media! It’s where everything goes viral – be it memes or videos. It is almost a cardinal sin, if you are not already present on social media. Do you think your product is boring? Do you think it is so boring that it doesn’t need to be noticed by 2 billion social media users out there? Don’t worry! We are here to help you. This blog looks at certain signs that prove you need a social media marketing agency at your rescue.

Mentioned below are a few signs that prove your business is in dire need of a social media marketing agency:

  • Why do I need to “pin it”?

Is that a question you or your bosses ask in the organization? Yes? Well then you definitely need a social media marketing agency. This means that you are not aware of social media platforms available such as Pinterest or Twitter. It’s best to educate yourself and your colleagues about the various social media channels and their uses. You can then identify which platform would best suit your business and accordingly plan with the agency.

  • Your social media executive lives in the stress city!

Well, this means you do have a social media presence but your executive is overloaded. Your executive has to manage the account, schedule tons of content to be posted, respond to customer questions on Facebook, handle complaints pouring through Twitter, reply to comments on Instagram, ideate campaigns, allocate budget to campaigns on all social media platforms uniformly and prepare weekly reports. Phew! Isn’t that too much? A social media marketing agency takes care of all these services as they have a team of resources. It decreases the stress levels for you.

  • 1 Like, No comments, 0 Shares

Is this the case with all your social media posts? Do you get no retweets? Well then this obviously is not a good scenario. This is a sign that your content isn’t reaching the right target audience. Social media channels have hyper-targeting options. Hence, a social media marketing agency can definitely help you improve this and increase engagement on your posts with the right kind of audience.

  • You respond to comments after 10 hours

Responding to comments or tweets becomes the last priority if you’re the only person who is replying to mails, conducting meetings with clients, managing finances along with several other tasks. Doesn’t it? This proves you are in dire need of a social media marketing agency that can respond to engagement and that too in time.  Response time is crucial in today’s era. In fact, 42% of customers expect responses from brands within 60 minutes! Thus, response to engagement within a short period of time is absolutely essential.

  • You post only once a week

Churning out content every day or every other day is difficult. However, it is essential to keep your audience engaged with your page. Imagine, your page has no activity, how would people feel connected to it? That’s why you need a social media marketing agency that can strategize campaigns for you, plan when to post content and monitor social media activities. You could look at the services offered by Ecumen!

  • Auto – everything!

I agree automation is awesome and fascinating! However, does it understand emotions? Sarcasm? No, it doesn’t! With Buffer and Feedly you can tweet, post tons of content. It is not a healthy way to communicate with your audience as they can see right through this tactic. Sentiment matching cannot detect the actual emotion or context of the tweet or post. Hence, automating is not the answer to everything!

  • Facebook – Only social media platform

If you’re the one who believes Facebook is the only social media platform, you definitely need a social media marketing agency. Yes, Facebook is easy to use, but you cannot build your brand only through that. Instagram has a wide social media reach, Twitter is fast, Pinterest is very engaging and stimulating. Every channel has its own advantages. You can choose the best for your brand and increase your brand value through an integrated marketing strategy.

Do you want to be an anti-social-media or be on the top of the game? Then hire a social media marketing agency!

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How do you pick the best digital marketing agency for your business

How do you pick the best digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad for SEO services?

Digital marketing offers a variety of services and it becomes difficult to decide which SEO service would be the best for your business. This blog talks about the 5 key SEO services to look at before hiring a digital marketing agency. There are few agencies in Ahmedabad that specialize in SEO, while others that offer various other services. Following are a few SEO services you should look out for when evaluating digital marketing agencies:

  • SEO strategies

SEO strategies need to drive traffic to your website, increase conversion rates and create a brand identity for your business. An experienced SEO consultant will suggest just that to you! Keyword research forms the basis for the development of your website’s SEO activity and hence, it is most essential to implement your SEO activity.

  • Keyword research strategies

Your digital marketing agency should do an effective keyword research for you. Creating your keyword profile is one of the most important stages. An SEO professional will either find these keywords through customers/employees feedback, keyword research tools and competitor analysis.

  • SEO Copywriting

A specialized SEO agency might not offer services of copywriting. Whereas, a comprehensive agency will provide this service. The quality of your SEO copy will determine the increase or decrease in bounce rates. If the copy on your website is engaging and interactive enough, your customer will spend more time on your website. The best digital marketing agency will help you with writing a keyword-rich and engaging content for your website.

  • Web design

The difference between a good and best digital marketing agency is the service: web-design. The best agency will understand the need for a good web design and suggest it to you at the very start of the project. Choosing the wrong technical platform can severely hamper your SEO activities. Hence, this is one of the most vital elements and should be looked at the very beginning.

  • Link building strategies

An experienced and well-established agency will already have developed a network of contacts with webmasters and will know the best link building opportunities. Why is this important? If search engines see a back link to your website from a credible and trustworthy site, it will validate your site. This proves helpful in ranking higher on the search engine results page.

Hence, it would be best if you pick a full-service digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad. Specialized agencies might not be extremely helpful.

We can help you do this! We, at Ecumen, streamline your SEO activities and offer a whole spectrum of services. You can visit our website – Ecumen!

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Offsite Content Strategy – An effective digital marketing service

Offsite Content Strategy – An effective digital marketing service!

Digital marketing offers several services that help your website rank higher organically. Offsite content marketing is one such way to do the same. You might have an onsite content strategy for your business website already. Ebooks, case studies, blogs, white papers are all parts of your onsite content strategy.

Publishing promotional content on the website proves that you have expertise in the industry to your potential clients. Additionally, more content means more links to your website. This helps in boosting the websites search engine results page listing. But is it enough?

Google algorithms are changing constantly and the web is getting swamped with more content every day. Hence, it’s best to look at other digital marketing services that can be helpful.

Mentioned below is a digital marketing service that proves immensely helpful for the website:

Offsite content strategy

What happens to your blog posts? You generally research for a topic, gather required information to write the blog, add a call to action, send it for approval and finally publish it after editing it several times. Right? No doubt, it is a great way of inbound marketing and you should continue doing it. However, there are other digital marketing services that can prove beneficial. An offsite content strategy can complement your onsite content strategy. Offsite content strategy consists of different methods through which you can distribute your content and expertise over the internet in different ways.

Let’s look at a few ways:

  • Influencer Marketing

Every industry, be it a B2B or B2C has an authority. One of the most known digital marketing services is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is sharing the authority’s platform to reach your target audience. To start with, you need to identify the industry vertical you would like to reach and then research the high ranking websites in these industries. Next step is to understand the site’s tone and draft an article according to that. Remember, it is absolutely essential to link the content to your website.

How is this helpful? Well, this creates a twofold effect – it helps generate high quality inbound links to the website and also helps you rank higher in search engine results page. It is one of the most effective digital marketing services that helps improve your inbound marketing.

  • Syndication

Wouldn’t you want your blog post to be read by maximum number of people? Well, syndication is one digital marketing service through which you could use the same content published on your website to be published elsewhere over the web without being termed as duplicate content.

It is a great way to ensure your blog is seen by individuals that are actually interested in your content. Syndicating your blog post to a larger website helps your content rank higher in the search results.

  • Commenting

Comments are an amazing digital marketing service that help link back to your website. User-generated content is more in demand these days. Hence, websites such as Quora are considered to be a great resource. Commenting and answering questions not only helps link back to your website, but also helps prove your expertise to your potential clients.

Hence, these are a few digital marketing services that help improve your websites ranking in the search results page. So adapt these impactful methods and improve your inbound marketing strategy.

Was this helpful? Refer to our previous blogs for effective digital marketing strategies. Visit our website to know more about our >digital marketing services.

7 effective digital marketing strategies for startups

7 effective digital marketing strategies for startups

Marketing has drastically changed over the past 2 years. This transformation has occurred because of digital marketing. Startups are fueled by sales. In order to increase sales and enhance growth, startups adopt digital marketing.

However, fail in the execution as not all digital marketing strategies are effective for all organizations. Let’s look at some of the most profitable strategies that can enhance growth of your startup.

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

A form of digital marketing with which the search engine brings customers to your website. It is the perfect tool to generate sales leads.

Listed below are a few practical advantages of PPC ads that work wonders for startups:

  • Control over expenditure- essential for startups
  • High ROI- only pay when an interested person clicks on your ad
  • Immediate results- no need to wait for outcomes
  • Reaches the right audience, at the right time with the right ad
  • Detailed data and insights available- help analyze campaign

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, having your company’s website is an essential part of generating sales. However, the problem is there are tons of websites out there of various companies belonging to your industry. It is important for your website to come on top when your audience searches for relevant keywords. This is where SEO plays a crucial role.

It helps bring traffic to your website as well as builds trust amongst the customers. How? If your website ranks high when your customers search for relevant keywords, it leaves an impression that yours is a reputable company.

3. E-mail Marketing

Digital marketing has evolved exceptionally but, e-mail marketing is here to stay! That’s right! It is also considered to be delivering a heavy ROI to marketers. A recent survey(1.1) conducted by Data Marketing Association (DMA) and Demand Metric found that the median ROI delivered by e-mail marketing was 122%, four times higher than the other marketing channels. This survey was conducted in June, 2016.

Isn’t that an impressive ROI? Additionally, e-mail marketing is also very cost-effective. Mentioned below are a few tips on how to get started with e-mail marketing:

  • Make it catchy- A lot depends on your subject line. So make it catchy and engaging
  • Avoid jargons- Use simple persuasive language
  • Use bullets- Break the clutter and make the text more legible
  • Talk more about what is good for the customer rather than, your product
  • Lastly, optimize e-mails for mobile devices as more and more people access mails through their phones

4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

One of the most used forms of digital marketing is social media marketing. Everybody is using social media. Hence, your business needs a social media presence too. It also helps create a distinguished image of your brand. Following are a few benefits offered by social media marketing:

  • Establishes brand identity
  • Increases traffic as well as exposure
  • Generates leads and improves search ranking
  • Develops loyal customers over a long period of time

SMM is a double-edged sword. While, it has several advantages, it can also backfire if not used appropriately. Hence, brands need to be careful while selecting the social media channel.

5. Remarketing

Remarketing is a wonderful digital marketing strategy to advertise to people who have visited your website in the past. It is one of the best ways to re-engage your visitors. It helps you ensure that people who visited your site get to see your ads over the web.

6. Digital PR

Digital marketing allows building your brand through various techniques. Online PR, one of them, is an amazing way to tell your story. PR agencies help organizations to send their stories to relevant media houses or bloggers. The essential requirement for effective PR is a great storyline.

7. Digital Media Buying

Buying ad space for different spaces such as Google search, Facebook ads, and display ads are all a part of digital media buying. It is essential to buy relevant as well as reputable advertorial spaces. It may be expensive, but it is definitely effective.

So adapt these impactful digital marketing strategies and help your startup prosper in the world of digital media. (Even more strategies to help you with!) Visit our website to know more about digital marketing.

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Ways to take your digital marketing strategy to a higher level.

How can you upgrade your digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategies play a very important role in forming the target audience and base of a brand on the digital network. Thus, it is very important to make sure that your strategy is right on point and more importantly, upgraded. This can be done through multiple ways. Some of them have been listed below:

1. Know social media analytics for digital marketing

Social media is dark and full of updates every day. However, Melisandre cannot help you here. It takes an expert to realise and understand the technicalities involved in social media’s statistics. It’s a dynamically changing platform and thus requires special attention. Once you understand the analytics involved, you can become your own Melisandre and get rid of any hassles that might come your way in digital marketing. This will help you to align your strategy with latest updates.

2. Make yourself unique through your digital marketing strategy

Today, almost every second brand is on social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform where it is possible to form an image of your own, it has become a battle ground. Thus, it has become essential for brands to create a unique and distinguished space for themselves in the market through what they post. Your social media strategy should be flexible enough to incorporate latest trends which can garner new views and audience thus resulting in higher brand awareness.

3. Research is the key when it comes to digital marketing

That’s right! The more you research, the easier it becomes for you to innovate and come up with new ways to spread brand awareness. This activity if undertaken regularly will also help you in remaining updated with competitor’s brand.

Keep you digital marketing strategy updated with latest developments of the market. Your strategy forms the backbone of your brand’s image on the digital market. Make sure it is right! We can help you do this in the most efficient way. Click here to visit Ecumen’s website for more details.

3 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy.

3 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing, as easy as it may sound, actually comes with a lot of technicalities. It is a dynamic field, which despite being updated continuously remains the same at its core. Thus, making the digital marketing strategy an essential. There are several advantages of having a digital marketing strategy. Most important ones among them are listed below:

1.It keeps you ahead of the curve!

When you know what you are going to do, the implementation or execution becomes easier. Having a digital marketing strategy will keep you ahead of the curve and give you the time to easily inculcate new changes. Anything that is planned and pre strategized reaps better results, that is exactly what a digital marketing strategy aims to do.

2.It makes targeting easier.

There are crores of people who use digital media. How do you narrow down on those who actually could be potential customers of your business? The answer is simple, you strategize. Decide what is most beneficial for you and your business and work accordingly. Digital marketing has the power to generate leads and do it in the most cost-efficient way, especially when content is created to attract customers.

3.It allows you to experiment and expand your creativity.

When things are strategized and you know what your audience likes the most, creativity becomes easier and the amount of risk that might have otherwise been very high, automatically decreases. The freedom of experimenting doesn’t take the back seat anymore considering that you already know to a large extent that what will work and what won’t.

Devising a digital marketing strategy may not be an easy task, but it’s definitely worth the results that it reaps in the end. If you are looking for an digital marketing agency to help you with this process and yield even better results, Ecumen is your stop! Click here to visit the website and explore our services.

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A crash course in digital marketing

Since I want this to be a crash course, I’m leaving aside discussions like: ‘Does digital marketing really work?’ or ‘Which businesses should go for digital marketing?’ for some other day.

Let’s jump right into the four key digital marketing channels:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Banner Ads on Display Ad Networks
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing


1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When you are looking for a product you go to search engines. That’s what everyone does. Google gets close to 40000 search queries ever (hold your breath) second.

There’s one more reason search marketing is the most important piece of digital marketing jigsaw. People go to search engine when they are actively looking for a product or a service. Being found on search engine makes far more sense than forcing your ad on people via web banners or YouTube pre-rolls.

Let’s take a quick look at the popularity of search engines. When it comes to search engine popularity Google clearly takes away the cake and the bakery and the baker.

ecumen blog


Search engine marketing can be broken down into two parts. Paid Ads (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Paid Ads on Search Engines (PPC)

I’m sure you’ve come across paid ads on Google and other search engines, which take precedence over organic search results.


When to use PPC

•      Large search volume for keywords that describe your product/service

•      You are running a short term campaign or looking for immediate results

•      When you are promoting highly seasonal product or service

•      You want complete control over marketing spend and ROI

•      There’s low bidding competition


PPC success factors

•      Effective selection of keywords for promotion

•      Constant campaign analysis and strategy optimization

•      Optimal ad placement

•      Sufficient budget and aggressive bidding

•      Smart, action-oriented ad copy


When to use SEO

•      The search volume is constant and sizable

•      You are looking for a better ROI over a longer run

•      You are looking for brand building along with building sales


SEO success factors

•      Work in sync with Google’s algorithms

•      Effective combination of on-page and off page activities

•      The Same team managing both website maintenance and SEO


2. Banner Ads on Display Ad Networks

These are graphical banners that appear next to content on web pages, search engines, social media sites, blogs, news websites etc. Generally, you pay on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis or CPA (Cost per acquisition) basis.

When to use Display Marketing/Banners

•      Brand building is as important as sales

•      Your product has an inherent visual appeal

•      You are promoting an established product/brand

•      You are running a remarketing campaign


Display Advertising success factors

•      Strategic banner placement

•      Effective call to action

•      Attention-grabbing design


3. Social Media Marketing

Facebook has over 125 million active users in India and Twitter has 18.1 million users. Other platforms like Pinterest, Snap Chat, Linked in have a huge user-base as well.

Social Media provides an opportunity to engage with their consumer and build a brand. I look at Social Media as more of a brand building than a sales generation platform. I’ve seen lot businesses badly fail at Social Media Strategy simply because they don’t realize this.

When to use Social Media Marketing

•      When you want to build brand and better product recall

•      When your business has content that’s likable & sharable

•      B2C businesses with a popular appeal like food, fashion, cosmetics etc.


Social Media Marketing success factors

•      Focus on right platforms

•      Balanced communication strategy

•      Aggressive posting

•      Effective targeting

•      Understanding your TG’s social media habits


4. Email Marketing

India is known as the Spam Capital of the World. Email marketing is used & abused by all major digital marketers. And the reason is, this is the cheapest way of marketing digitally.

When to use Email Marketing

•      To keep in touch with registered users

•      To announce new products, offers etc.

•      To send triggered responses


Email marketing success factors

•      Quality of email database

•      Using behavioral triggers

•      Personalized message, content & call to action

•      Time and day of the week


Hope this quick training was useful. Do write to me for any query that you may have. Reach us now if you have any digital marketing requirement.

Source: Chirag Dagli on LinkedIn

Digital Marketing Agency to help you with email marketing

Signs that you need a Digital Marketing Agency to help you with email marketing

Email marketing is still the best marketing technique in today’s world. Whether it is to reach a large number of people at the same time or make this process more personalized, everything fits in when it comes to email marketing. However, as easy as it may sound, this also involves a lot of tactics and specifications. This is where a digital marketing agency comes to the rescue.

Let’s see how a digital marketing agency can help with email marketing.

1. You haven’t changed your strategy since a long time.

If you haven’t changed your email marketing strategy since a long time, it’s time do so now! Nothing that goes on for a long time is able to make its mark in the long run. A digital marketing agency can help you identify and execute a new way to make your emails reach a large number of people at the same time, especially those who are most relevant to the business.

2. You and your team do not have the time to create emails on a regular basis.

It’s true that emails, especially those which have the intention of marketing should not be sent very frequently. However, there should definitely be a certain limit in context of the emails that are being sent. In case your own staff does not have the time to create and send them on time, a digital marketing agency can enter the picture. This intervention by a digital marketing agency does not only make this efficient, but also makes them reach the right people at the right time.

3. You are doing email marketing, but you don’t know how to do it the right way.

A digital marketing agency is skilled to tackle the technicalities and specifications that come while doing email marketing. They know what content to write and how to present it. Even details such as the timing at which the email is to be received by the receiver are also taken into consideration before sending an email.

If you are searching for a digital marketing agency to help you with all these things, then Ecumen is just the stop! visit our website and explore our services such as email marketing and a lot more!

Advantages of having a Facebook group

Advantages of having a Facebook group of your brand as a part of Digital Marketing

Facebook has become an integral part of Digital Marketing strategy of brands. Whether it is ads, content marketing or the creative freedom that it allows, this social media platform is definitely being exploited to its ends. Facebook has a feature known as a group which might do wonders for your Digital Marketing strategy. Let’s find out what are its advantages.

 1. It creates a huge pool of potential customers at the same place.

Facebook groups collect people with similar interests on the same platform and make idea sharing a more feasible and accessible task. This makes it easier for a company to collect people with same kind of needs in the same place. This also enables the seller to set or understand trends and at the same time make sure that they also understand what a customer needs and make new innovations.

2. Facebook groups work specially for a new business’s digital marketing strategy.

A new business which has just entered the market needs to make sure that its presence is registered in the eyes of potential customers. For this, a Facebook group is a great place to begin at. With the right strategy and communication, it will help you reach a huge number of people at the same time and make an impact without much investment. The filters and Facebook tools will also help in this process.

 3. A group is self-sustaining.

The members of the group do the task of keeping it alive and running. Thus, making the maintenance for the owner or admin a lot less. Whether it is discussions, polls or surveys, everything is carried out by the people who belong to that group. For a digital marketing strategy this works really well.

To sum it up, Facebook groups are a great idea to remain connected with your target audience. Especially if you are new to the market, this is how your digital marketing strategy should start. If you are looking for an agency to help you with it further, Ecumen is just what you need. contact us now!