Digital marketing guide Killer PPC campaigns

Digital marketing guide: Killer PPC campaigns

In order to create a successful PPC campaign, it is crucial to understand how to create a perfect digital marketing plan. Creating a PPC plan revolves around the followings:

  • Analyzing the overall situation
  • Developing a PPC campaign policy
  • Creating a PPC plan

This blog will discuss a few ways you can create the perfect digital marketing campaign with your PPC ads:

  • Know your PPC goals

You cannot create a digital marketing campaign without setting your goals. You need to be sure of the metrics you’re planning to focus on. For a successful digital marketing campaign, think of your specific PPC goals. Below are a few examples of PPC campaign goals:

  • Increase traffic to website
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase conversions or leads
  • Best digital marketing platforms for your PPC

There are mainly two digital marketing platforms that are fit for your PPC campaigns:

  • Google AdWords

AdWords was launched in October 2000 and since then it is one of the most-preferred PPC marketing platforms. It is one the largest pay-per-click platforms that run on Google, Display Network sites and search partner sites.

  • Bing Ads

Bing is also a pay-per-click platform like Google AdWords. It displays ads on Yahoo and Bing network. It is keyword-based advertising and utilizes different search partners.

  • Important elements of PPC account structure

Just like there are several important elements of digital marketing, PPC account structure also comprises of different elements:

  • Adgroups

Execution of a PPC digital marketing campaign begins with choosing keyword themes and then creating individual campaigns. For example, if you wish to make a PPC campaign for a furniture company, the campaign theme could be “furniture” and you could use keywords such as “home furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture”, etc.

  • Keywords

Your PPC may show up for different queries. Hence, it will also ask for a match type to define your different queries. Following are the 7 keyword match types:

  • Exact
  • Exact (Close variant)
  • Phrase
  • Phrase (Close variant)
  • Broad
  • Modified broad
  • Broad (Session-based)
  • Negative keywords

Negative keywords are used in PPC to eradicate unqualified traffic. Example, you include “free” in your negative keywords, then your ad will not show up for “free home furniture” queries. Hence, based on the market you’re catering to, your negative keywords will be decided.

  • Audience

Audiences are groups of users segmented in different ways for your digital marketing campaign. These can be created as per specific page views, pages per visit and time spent on site.

  • Types of Ad copy


  • Text ads

The text ads have following criteria’s:

  • Headline 1 – 30 characters
  • Headline 2 – 30 characters
  • Description – 80 characters

However, it is important to remember that text ads in a digital marketing campaign cannot have excessive capitalization or punctuation.

  • Product Listing ads

These ads are square units which include product titles, prices and images. These ads use Google product feeds and should be connected to a Google Merchant Center account.

  • Image ads

Image ads can be used for display network PPC campaigns. These are shown on various display network sites.

  • Measuring results

There are different factors to measure results of your PPC campaign:

  • Tracking conversions

It is must to create conversion goals to gauge your account performance. PPC platforms provide code snippets which can be placed on pages such as “Thank you” or “Order confirmation”. This helps analyze whether ad clicks are turning into conversions or not.

  • Google Analytics

It is important to link your Google AdWords account to your Google Analytics. This helps you in knowing the post-click behaviour of customers.

Hence, this is how you can create a successful digital marketing campaign. Follow these steps and create a killer PPC campaign.

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Top Google SEO updates to improve your website’s search ranking


The digital world is constantly changing and upgrading. It has become more competitive over the years. If your end goal is to increase your search engine ranking, then you definitely need to keep a track of the Google SEO updates. Google is the pioneer in search marketing, and hence all Google SEO updates are sure to enhance optimization of your website. Thus, this blog explores the latest algorithm updates that can help boost your search engine rankings.

Below mentioned are a few changes in SEO algorithms that lead to Google SEO updates:

  • Google Mobile Friendly update

Introduced in April 2015, this Google SEO update gives a lift to the mobile-friendly site pages in Google’s mobile search results. Google considers your site pages mobile-friendly with the help of its Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

  • Google Pigeon update

This Google SEO update was introduced in July 2014. This SEO algorithm provides valuable and exact local search results that are attached to conventional web search ranking factors. It also affects search results that appear in Google maps as this update provides search results based on user location and listing in the local directory.

Key new updates related to Pigeon:

  • Strong domains matter
  • Location matters more

  • Google Hummingbird update

This update was introduced around August 2013. This Google SEO update plays a significant role in deciding ranking of websites. The Google Hummingbird update is made up of 200+ factors. One of the major updates in Hummingbird is that it has a special eye on mobile marketing. The name “Hummingbird” was derived because of its ability to be “precise and fast”.

Key new updates related to Hummingbird:

  • Easily recognizes keyword stuffing
  • Use of knowledge graph facts for better search results
  • Application of meaning technology across the web
  • Effectiveness of long-tail keywords

  • Google Penguin update

This Google SEO update was launched around April 2012 to identify the websites that were spamming Google’s search results. The Google Penguin update is mainly aimed at decreasing rankings of websites that use black-hate SEO techniques and violate Google Webmaster Guidelines to increase their search rankings.

  • Google Panda update

Google Panda update was propelled in February 2011. This Google SEO update is known for its powerful search filters that stop sites with low-quality content from appearing in top Google search results. Panda is updated every once in a while to effectively catch sites that were missed out the last time.

Key new updates related to Panda:

  • No pages found with 1-2 paragraphs only
  • No multiple pages found with same keyword
  • No auto-generated content
  • Careful with affiliate links and ads
  • Panda loves new content

Thus, these are a few Google SEO updates that help improve your website’s search ranking. Ecumen is a digital marketing company that keeps itself abreast of all SEO updates.

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social media marketing channels

How to boost engagement on social media marketing channels

Engaging with customers is absolutely important these days! Customers tend to lose interest if they are not responded to on social media marketing channels. However, the engagement also needs to make sense. Customers hate brands that do not respond fast and appropriately. They have a lot of questions that need to be answered immediately. This blog talks about strategies that boost customer engagement on social media channels.

Below are a few strategies to boost engagement on social media marketing channels:

  • Take customer feedback seriously!

Communication works two ways. All relations are built on the same foundation. This becomes a major factor in deciding whether customers want to continue shopping with you or not. If the needs of customers are not met with, they might soon give up on your brand and shift to competitors. How do you start? Well, start with actually listening to customer queries and feedback. Respond with a finely tailored comment on all social media marketing channels. Do not use auto-response sites. These just irritate the customers all the more. You might need to form a separate team that takes care of your Online Reputation Management (ORM).

  • Personalize your communication

Social media marketing channels are flooded with brands. Thus, consumers know when a brand uses auto-response. That is exactly why brands need to personalize their communication. Gone are the days when businesses used to dominate communication. Today, customers are the center of all communication and conversation. Customers now, not only choose when to connect with brands, but also decide how much to communicate with them. Thus, a generic reply or comment will not attract any engagement from customers. Address them with their names and tell them a story.

  • Deliver brand promise

Market is very competitive today. Customers have a wide range of alternatives at their disposal. Why should they choose you? Several brands make varied wild promises to their customers. Make promises that can be delivered over the long-run rather than fulfilling short-term promises. Live by your brand promise and customers will always keep appreciating you and engaging with you. You could create different contests and campaigns on social media marketing channels around your brand promise.

  • Give and only give

Social media marketing channels are an open forum for people to share ideas and talk about the latest trends. There are mainly 2 strategies to engage with customers – educate and entertain. Make your posts more informative; add ‘did you know’ facts. This helps customers learn new things and catches their eye. The other strategy is to entertain them. Our lives are filled with stress. Consumers check their social media accounts to reduce that stress, make their time worthwhile.

These strategies will definitely help boost engagement on your social media channels.

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6 Killer calls-to-action for your email marketing

An email can help draw immense traffic to your website and increase your conversion ratio. However, this can only happen if you use the right call-to-actions. That’s what we are here for! In this blog, we discuss some amazing call-to-actions that will help every business convert subscribers through email marketing.

Mentioned below are a few calls-to-action you must consider for your email marketing campaigns:

  • Short and sweet (Get a deal)

Keep it simple, silly! Yes, your calls-to-action should preferably be short and sweet. It’s not a thumb rule. However, ideally calls-to-action should be 2-5 word long for email marketing. Your call-to-action sometimes might also extend up to 7 words, but it needs to be clear and brief. The call-to-action should complement the copy in the mail. Using brief, clear and concise call-to-actions increase chances of people clicking through your email marketing campaign.

  • Sense of urgency (Limited period offer)

Create a sense of urgency amongst your target. Compel them to take an action through your email marketing campaign. Use present tense, active words that make people do something, such as “act fast”, “limited time”, “now”, etc.

  • Include an incentive (50% off, cashback)

Why should customers click on your call-to-action? How will they benefit? Maybe give them a premium offer or cashback. However, your email marketing copy should complement the call-to-action. These call-to-actions usually work more as compared to others.

  • Capitalize on fear (Don’t miss out)

Every person wants to boast about their belongings. Capitalizing on fear through your email marketing campaign encourages them to take an action. Following are a few examples of how you can use this:

  • Get it before it’s gone
  • Don’t miss out!
  • Shop at the best prices
  • Buy a limited edition product


  • The button size matters

Worried if your call-to-action button will be noticed? Well, it is actually a matter of concern. Ideally your call-to-action button for your email marketing campaign should work on every device. It is also necessary to pick the right button colour. The colour should be bold and attractive. It should catch the reader’s eye! You can A/B test emails and that’s the best thing to understand how your emails look to different people.

  • Add prices

Including prices is the best call-to-action ever. If a subscriber clicks on the price, it means the reader is interested in the product. This increases the chance of conversion and click-through rate of your email marketing campaign. Below are a few examples:

  • Book your copy for 20 Rs.
  • Shop electronics under 5000 Rs.
  • Find the perfect gift under 1000 Rs.
  • Go all out!

Some brands use trendy and bold words to attract more eyeballs and increase click-through rates. If your target is the young audience, it’s best to use trending words such as “selfie”. The idea is to not speak corporate, it’s better to create an informal rapport with your email marketing campaign.

Call-to-action is a crucial element of your email marketing and hence, choosing an appropriate word is also necessary. Go, start drafting your copy now!

You can also contact us at Ecumen to know more about email marketing! We provide varied digital marketing services including email marketing.

How do you pick the best digital marketing agency for your business

How do you pick the best digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad for SEO services?

Digital marketing offers a variety of services and it becomes difficult to decide which SEO service would be the best for your business. This blog talks about the 5 key SEO services to look at before hiring a digital marketing agency. There are few agencies in Ahmedabad that specialize in SEO, while others that offer various other services. Following are a few SEO services you should look out for when evaluating digital marketing agencies:

  • SEO strategies

SEO strategies need to drive traffic to your website, increase conversion rates and create a brand identity for your business. An experienced SEO consultant will suggest just that to you! Keyword research forms the basis for the development of your website’s SEO activity and hence, it is most essential to implement your SEO activity.

  • Keyword research strategies

Your digital marketing agency should do an effective keyword research for you. Creating your keyword profile is one of the most important stages. An SEO professional will either find these keywords through customers/employees feedback, keyword research tools and competitor analysis.

  • SEO Copywriting

A specialized SEO agency might not offer services of copywriting. Whereas, a comprehensive agency will provide this service. The quality of your SEO copy will determine the increase or decrease in bounce rates. If the copy on your website is engaging and interactive enough, your customer will spend more time on your website. The best digital marketing agency will help you with writing a keyword-rich and engaging content for your website.

  • Web design

The difference between a good and best digital marketing agency is the service: web-design. The best agency will understand the need for a good web design and suggest it to you at the very start of the project. Choosing the wrong technical platform can severely hamper your SEO activities. Hence, this is one of the most vital elements and should be looked at the very beginning.

  • Link building strategies

An experienced and well-established agency will already have developed a network of contacts with webmasters and will know the best link building opportunities. Why is this important? If search engines see a back link to your website from a credible and trustworthy site, it will validate your site. This proves helpful in ranking higher on the search engine results page.

Hence, it would be best if you pick a full-service digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad. Specialized agencies might not be extremely helpful.

We can help you do this! We, at Ecumen, streamline your SEO activities and offer a whole spectrum of services. You can visit our website – Ecumen!

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Ways to take your digital marketing strategy to a higher level.

How can you upgrade your digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing strategies play a very important role in forming the target audience and base of a brand on the digital network. Thus, it is very important to make sure that your strategy is right on point and more importantly, upgraded. This can be done through multiple ways. Some of them have been listed below:

1. Know social media analytics for digital marketing

Social media is dark and full of updates every day. However, Melisandre cannot help you here. It takes an expert to realise and understand the technicalities involved in social media’s statistics. It’s a dynamically changing platform and thus requires special attention. Once you understand the analytics involved, you can become your own Melisandre and get rid of any hassles that might come your way in digital marketing. This will help you to align your strategy with latest updates.

2. Make yourself unique through your digital marketing strategy

Today, almost every second brand is on social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform where it is possible to form an image of your own, it has become a battle ground. Thus, it has become essential for brands to create a unique and distinguished space for themselves in the market through what they post. Your social media strategy should be flexible enough to incorporate latest trends which can garner new views and audience thus resulting in higher brand awareness.

3. Research is the key when it comes to digital marketing

That’s right! The more you research, the easier it becomes for you to innovate and come up with new ways to spread brand awareness. This activity if undertaken regularly will also help you in remaining updated with competitor’s brand.

Keep you digital marketing strategy updated with latest developments of the market. Your strategy forms the backbone of your brand’s image on the digital market. Make sure it is right! We can help you do this in the most efficient way. Click here to visit Ecumen’s website for more details.

3 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy.

3 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing, as easy as it may sound, actually comes with a lot of technicalities. It is a dynamic field, which despite being updated continuously remains the same at its core. Thus, making the digital marketing strategy an essential. There are several advantages of having a digital marketing strategy. Most important ones among them are listed below:

1.It keeps you ahead of the curve!

When you know what you are going to do, the implementation or execution becomes easier. Having a digital marketing strategy will keep you ahead of the curve and give you the time to easily inculcate new changes. Anything that is planned and pre strategized reaps better results, that is exactly what a digital marketing strategy aims to do.

2.It makes targeting easier.

There are crores of people who use digital media. How do you narrow down on those who actually could be potential customers of your business? The answer is simple, you strategize. Decide what is most beneficial for you and your business and work accordingly. Digital marketing has the power to generate leads and do it in the most cost-efficient way, especially when content is created to attract customers.

3.It allows you to experiment and expand your creativity.

When things are strategized and you know what your audience likes the most, creativity becomes easier and the amount of risk that might have otherwise been very high, automatically decreases. The freedom of experimenting doesn’t take the back seat anymore considering that you already know to a large extent that what will work and what won’t.

Devising a digital marketing strategy may not be an easy task, but it’s definitely worth the results that it reaps in the end. If you are looking for an digital marketing agency to help you with this process and yield even better results, Ecumen is your stop! Click here to visit the website and explore our services.

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A crash course in digital marketing

Since I want this to be a crash course, I’m leaving aside discussions like: ‘Does digital marketing really work?’ or ‘Which businesses should go for digital marketing?’ for some other day.

Let’s jump right into the four key digital marketing channels:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Banner Ads on Display Ad Networks
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing


1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

When you are looking for a product you go to search engines. That’s what everyone does. Google gets close to 40000 search queries ever (hold your breath) second.

There’s one more reason search marketing is the most important piece of digital marketing jigsaw. People go to search engine when they are actively looking for a product or a service. Being found on search engine makes far more sense than forcing your ad on people via web banners or YouTube pre-rolls.

Let’s take a quick look at the popularity of search engines. When it comes to search engine popularity Google clearly takes away the cake and the bakery and the baker.

ecumen blog


Search engine marketing can be broken down into two parts. Paid Ads (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Paid Ads on Search Engines (PPC)

I’m sure you’ve come across paid ads on Google and other search engines, which take precedence over organic search results.


When to use PPC

•      Large search volume for keywords that describe your product/service

•      You are running a short term campaign or looking for immediate results

•      When you are promoting highly seasonal product or service

•      You want complete control over marketing spend and ROI

•      There’s low bidding competition


PPC success factors

•      Effective selection of keywords for promotion

•      Constant campaign analysis and strategy optimization

•      Optimal ad placement

•      Sufficient budget and aggressive bidding

•      Smart, action-oriented ad copy


When to use SEO

•      The search volume is constant and sizable

•      You are looking for a better ROI over a longer run

•      You are looking for brand building along with building sales


SEO success factors

•      Work in sync with Google’s algorithms

•      Effective combination of on-page and off page activities

•      The Same team managing both website maintenance and SEO


2. Banner Ads on Display Ad Networks

These are graphical banners that appear next to content on web pages, search engines, social media sites, blogs, news websites etc. Generally, you pay on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis or CPA (Cost per acquisition) basis.

When to use Display Marketing/Banners

•      Brand building is as important as sales

•      Your product has an inherent visual appeal

•      You are promoting an established product/brand

•      You are running a remarketing campaign


Display Advertising success factors

•      Strategic banner placement

•      Effective call to action

•      Attention-grabbing design


3. Social Media Marketing

Facebook has over 125 million active users in India and Twitter has 18.1 million users. Other platforms like Pinterest, Snap Chat, Linked in have a huge user-base as well.

Social Media provides an opportunity to engage with their consumer and build a brand. I look at Social Media as more of a brand building than a sales generation platform. I’ve seen lot businesses badly fail at Social Media Strategy simply because they don’t realize this.

When to use Social Media Marketing

•      When you want to build brand and better product recall

•      When your business has content that’s likable & sharable

•      B2C businesses with a popular appeal like food, fashion, cosmetics etc.


Social Media Marketing success factors

•      Focus on right platforms

•      Balanced communication strategy

•      Aggressive posting

•      Effective targeting

•      Understanding your TG’s social media habits


4. Email Marketing

India is known as the Spam Capital of the World. Email marketing is used & abused by all major digital marketers. And the reason is, this is the cheapest way of marketing digitally.

When to use Email Marketing

•      To keep in touch with registered users

•      To announce new products, offers etc.

•      To send triggered responses


Email marketing success factors

•      Quality of email database

•      Using behavioral triggers

•      Personalized message, content & call to action

•      Time and day of the week


Hope this quick training was useful. Do write to me for any query that you may have. Reach us now if you have any digital marketing requirement.

Source: Chirag Dagli on LinkedIn

Digital Marketing Agency to help you with email marketing

Signs that you need a Digital Marketing Agency to help you with email marketing

Email marketing is still the best marketing technique in today’s world. Whether it is to reach a large number of people at the same time or make this process more personalized, everything fits in when it comes to email marketing. However, as easy as it may sound, this also involves a lot of tactics and specifications. This is where a digital marketing agency comes to the rescue.

Let’s see how a digital marketing agency can help with email marketing.

1. You haven’t changed your strategy since a long time.

If you haven’t changed your email marketing strategy since a long time, it’s time do so now! Nothing that goes on for a long time is able to make its mark in the long run. A digital marketing agency can help you identify and execute a new way to make your emails reach a large number of people at the same time, especially those who are most relevant to the business.

2. You and your team do not have the time to create emails on a regular basis.

It’s true that emails, especially those which have the intention of marketing should not be sent very frequently. However, there should definitely be a certain limit in context of the emails that are being sent. In case your own staff does not have the time to create and send them on time, a digital marketing agency can enter the picture. This intervention by a digital marketing agency does not only make this efficient, but also makes them reach the right people at the right time.

3. You are doing email marketing, but you don’t know how to do it the right way.

A digital marketing agency is skilled to tackle the technicalities and specifications that come while doing email marketing. They know what content to write and how to present it. Even details such as the timing at which the email is to be received by the receiver are also taken into consideration before sending an email.

If you are searching for a digital marketing agency to help you with all these things, then Ecumen is just the stop! visit our website and explore our services such as email marketing and a lot more!

Advantages of having a Facebook group

Advantages of having a Facebook group of your brand as a part of Digital Marketing

Facebook has become an integral part of Digital Marketing strategy of brands. Whether it is ads, content marketing or the creative freedom that it allows, this social media platform is definitely being exploited to its ends. Facebook has a feature known as a group which might do wonders for your Digital Marketing strategy. Let’s find out what are its advantages.

 1. It creates a huge pool of potential customers at the same place.

Facebook groups collect people with similar interests on the same platform and make idea sharing a more feasible and accessible task. This makes it easier for a company to collect people with same kind of needs in the same place. This also enables the seller to set or understand trends and at the same time make sure that they also understand what a customer needs and make new innovations.

2. Facebook groups work specially for a new business’s digital marketing strategy.

A new business which has just entered the market needs to make sure that its presence is registered in the eyes of potential customers. For this, a Facebook group is a great place to begin at. With the right strategy and communication, it will help you reach a huge number of people at the same time and make an impact without much investment. The filters and Facebook tools will also help in this process.

 3. A group is self-sustaining.

The members of the group do the task of keeping it alive and running. Thus, making the maintenance for the owner or admin a lot less. Whether it is discussions, polls or surveys, everything is carried out by the people who belong to that group. For a digital marketing strategy this works really well.

To sum it up, Facebook groups are a great idea to remain connected with your target audience. Especially if you are new to the market, this is how your digital marketing strategy should start. If you are looking for an agency to help you with it further, Ecumen is just what you need. contact us now!