A beginners’ guide to online marketing

A beginners’ guide to online marketing!

Online marketing is the latest and most advanced tool for leaving a mark in the market. It is the new-age way of advertising that is closest to our transformed behavioural pattern, which makes the entry into market a lot easier. Here is a guide for the beginners as they enter the world of online marketing.

1: Start with the basic framework!

Rather than concentrating on what the returns will be, start with what the basic framework is. Try to understand how the position of what you say or do will influence your target audience. A good framework will help you gain returns in the long run through online marketing.

2: Build a strategic plan around your objectives!

The next in line comes strategy and planning. The basic framework paves the way to strategic roadmap, which in turn makes planning easier. It answers a lot of questions like when can we expect returns to start coming in or which are the areas which might turn into an opportunity or a threat.

3: Let them know your brand’s story!

When it comes to online marketing, what is our biggest tool? Content! Use this content to tell your brand’s story and let it help you build a personal connection. The content should be presented in such a way that people relate to your story and targeted in such a way that it reaches the maximum number of people.

4: Form a link between your online and offline campaign.

Make sure that your online brand positioning is consistent with who you are offline. Differences between the two may lead people to believe that the brand lacks honesty.

5: Attract customers, not just web traffic!

The targeting should be done in such a way that the online marketing strategy not just attracts traffic, but also customers. It will depend heavily on the strategies you follow, the campaigns that are being launched and the content that is being shared.

The above points form the basis of Online Marketing and are sure to help you in the long run. If you are looking for an Online Marketing company which can help you with these tactics then, Ecumen is just the stop.


Never-failing e-mail strategy for combating cart abandonment

Being in ecommerce sector, you spend a million of bucks every day after marketing your business and to attract potential customers. But have you looked back at your site whether it has gotten proper ecommerce development? Whether it has a user-friendly design? Whether it has right navigation? Whether the checkout page is designed in a way that it can convince your site visitors and turn them into customers?

Do you know that improper checkout page design may result in cart abandonment? Well there might be some other issues as well but this is the key reason behind shopping cart abandonment. There might be some issues with your ecommerce website development that result in cart abandonment. You need to shoot these issues as soon as you can. Apart from this, you can also learn to write a perfect e-mail which can help you reduce the shopping cart abandonment. To know what you should include in your e-mail, go through this infographic:



We, at Ecumen, can help you reduce your cart abandonment rate and earn more sales. Talk to our experts now!

Courtesy: SaleCycle

Stop pressuring your shoppers to sign-up to newsletter

While running your ecommerce business, of course you would wish that more and more people see your offerings, come to your store and buy from there. For this, you might have newsletter subscription so that you can send regular deals and offers to your shoppers and increase the chances of transactions.

Well, it is good to encourage people to sign-up to your newsletter but sometimes, it becomes forceful for them! And it ends up with poor customer experience and overall damaged business. We have some better ways with which you can convince them for signing-up the newsletter without losing on the conversion rate:

Add some engaging content

Provide value to the subscribers. Everyone provides offers and deals, what is so unique? Think something beyond discounts. If your newsletter lacks rich and gripping content, then nobody would read or subscribe it. You need to step out of you and your products. Give updates on your sector or you can also give them inspiration. For example, consider that you’re selling furniture online. In this case, you can give interior design inspiration to your subscribers.

Tell them what they’ll get!

You would find many such newsletters that don’t have an aim of signing up. Why would somebody register for it, then? Better you tell the subscribers what they would get if they sign up for it. At the same time, make sure that the reason also seems compelling and sensible. Have a look at some best CTAs:

  • Get our tips straight to your inbox and become a better Marketing Manager.
  • Start selling your products in 3 easy steps.
  • Be the first to receive this FREE sample.
  • Get to know the best 3 colours for your living room.
  • What brands does SRK wear? To know, subscribe our newsletter.

Make ‘unsubscribe’ easy

Making it difficult for people to unsubscribe your newsletter is not going to help you. If they can’t unsubscribe, they would either ignore your e-mails or mark it as spam. In both the cases, you can’t do anything! The worst part is that if many people mark your newsletter as spam, your brand will be blacklisted and you will lose the credibility. Nothing from this is going to help you increase your conversions.

All the tips above are common but in the process of engaging customers, these tiny things are sometimes forgotten. So keep these things in mind and boost up your ecommerce business.

Instagram: A Game-changer for your ecommerce business

Social Media marketing is an important part of your brand’s overall promotions. It cannot be side-lined while preparing a successful marketing strategy for your ecommerce business. And when it’s about social media, we can’t forget the fact that visual content is trending these days. That is the reason why you should also start to leverage. And there is no loss in it, shifting to visual social media means getting more business! Instagram is such a platform where you can attract your audience with visually appealing content. Such content drives more engaged traffic than other similar content on Pinterest or YouTube. From boosting traffic to increasing the sales, Instagram is a game changer in all means.

Let’s have a look at this infographic to have a better idea on how it’s beneficial to your business:


Courtesy: www.visualistan.com

Essential mobile app marketing lessons to learn

The concept of just developing a mobile app doesn’t work. People won’t come and download your app unless you tell them how the app is beneficial to them. The reason is that there is a tough competition in the market, doesn’t matter which sector you are in. If you really want people to download your app and if you want to reach your targeted audience, then you need to think something huge and smart.

Following are a few lessons which you should learn to get some help on mobile app marketing:


If you are really spending your valuable time and a lot of money, you should have done a good research on which is your million dollar product. Using some popular tools, you can estimate the volume of total downloads in comparison with your competitors. Otherwise, you can also manually find whether your customers are happy or not with your app. Read the user reviews and satisfy your unhappy customers.

Build a Minimum Viable Product

Generally apps are simple, they’re not meant to do a lot of things. So ultimately, you just need to build a minimum viable product and nothing else to confirm the market research. Well, this does not mean an app with lots of bugs and errors. Then it would be certainly rejected by the app stores. So keep it simple yet efficient along with a good design.

Improve your app

There is always a time to make anything better and better. Take feedbacks from the influencers in your niche about your developed app. You can also have opinions from its app users. This way, you will get some honest opinions and you would be able to update your app to make it better. Remember to enhance your app’s quality always.

Pitch in the right way

Of course you would be excited as you have developed a new mobile app and you would want to launch it as soon as possible. But you need to wait and do a smart launch. Market your app through bloggers and journalists. This way, you would have an attention of many people. And to pitch them, just remember these certain points:

  • Ensure to highlight the unique features of your app
  • Insert a short pitch
  • Insert a couple of screenshots and a promo video
  • Try to put in every that thing in your pitch which make them contact you

Contact us if you want any such guidance on mobile app marketing and development. We are 24X7 ready for you!

Snapdeal is all set to let its customers Unbox their Zindagis

Once again this Gurgaon-based marketplace has surprised everyone and this time, it’s a big deal – INR 200 Crores to overhaul their entire brand presence. Eyeing on aspirational India, the company has an expectation of gaining the next 100 million potential shoppers.

With new marketing tagline ‘Unbox Zindagi’, the company is really going to give brand new experience to their shoppers with a new fresh identity – new logo, new website, new interface, new strategy, new app and more. To add to this, everything is focused on vermello colour. The old blue and red logo is now replaced by a vermello-coloured box logo.

Done across the entire ecosystem, this branding is going to have a new ecommerce marketing strategy which will be more consumer-centric. Even the customer care services and delivery boxes will be remodelled. This entire campaign has also roped in big names such as Prasoon Joshi and his team at McCann along with the musical trio – Shankar Ehsaan Loy!

According to Kunal Bahl, Co-Founder and CEO of Snapdeal, this entire branding is to engage the next 100 million potential shoppers. There are 50-60 million online buyers in the country at present and to enlarge this sector, this next bunch of potential online shoppers is more important. However fast delivery, discounts and functional benefits are there, ecommerce brands will have to be ready for something more than this.

Impact of this ecommerce giant’s makeover

As told by Kunal Bahl, the impact of this brand makeover won’t be seen overnight on their business. It would take time but it was the right thing to take this step. In addition to the existing customers, there will be a certain rise in the number of small-town online shoppers. A renowned report forecasts the number of online shoppers to reach 100 million and Indian ecommerce market to reach $28 billion in coming three-four years with the compounded annual growth rate of 45%.

Started in 2010 and now backed by Alibaba Group, Tata Group, SoftCorp Bank, Temasek Holdings, Foxconn Technology Group, Nexus Ventures, Tybourne Capital, eBay and Intel Capital, this ecommerce giant seems to aim high and this new ecommerce marketing is their one of the biggest bets to coin the new potential audience.

Snapdeal is going to prove that rebranding can bring increased sales! In case you too want to give your brand a makeover, give us a call. We’d love to be a reason for your increased revenue!

Different shopping behaviors of male and female customers

Online shopping behaviors of male and female customers really seem to follow along the lines of John Gray’s book ‘Men are from Mars and Women from Venus’.
You need to look after a hundred of things in order to successfully manage a marketplace. The core thing is that you have to understand the nature of your product or service because the same promotion strategy cannot go for all, it should be different according to customer demographics.
Moreover, it also depends upon the behavior of your customers. It is seen that male and female customers have different shopping habits and behavior. Hence, both of them should be targeted in different ways. Have a look at this infographic to have an in-depth idea:

Infographics: Different shopping behaviors of male and female customers

Courtesy: visualistan.com

Reliance Industries to make a grand entry into fashion ecommerce sector

Reliance Industries led by Mukesh Ambani, holds a renowned brand called Reliance Jio and now there is a plan to introduce it as a new business. Extending this brand further, now the company is going to start a fashion ecommerce business with the name of AJIO.com. Backed by its large network of fashion grocery and electronic stores across India, Reliance Industries looks all set to get a competitive edge in online space too.

With the Indian ecommerce industry emerging as a very lucrative investment potential, the entry of India’s biggest conglomerates like Reliance was eagerly awaited in the fashion ecommerce. At present, this website is under testing and the feedbacks are being received for the site’s performance. But by adopting a differentiated ecommerce model, Reliance wants to get a strong foothold in the ecommerce space and given its immense infrastructure and strong customer research, it promises to easily make it a success.

According to a report, the company is planning to adopt a dual ecommerce model similar to Flipkart’s model, which operates a fashion portal and a general merchandise marketplace. The company also stated that the curated fashion and lifestyle ecommerce initiative is progressing from project to operational phase through beta testing.

Reliance is one of the largest retailers of India by revenue and number of stores. So it is obvious for the rivals to feel the competition threat due to Reliance’s sudden entry in the world of fashion ecommerce!

In a presentation last October, Reliance stated that their electronic products are all set to make an entry on the ecommerce platform, while they are also planning to roll-out an online marketplace for groceries. It is also known that the company is planning to enrol 150,000 medium and small-scale vendors for the ecommerce marketplace by the end of this fiscal year.

Apart from all these efforts, Reliance has appointed Mr. Sanjay Mehra (a veteran in the fashion ecommerce sector) as the Chief Executive of this firm. AJIO also plans to influence the digital platform of Reliance Jio as well as 3000 strong Reliance Retail networks for deliveries and returns.

AJIO.com is going to have different labels from those used for Reliance Trends and Reliance Brands. 60% of its products will be sourced from national brands while some top brands from the US, Singapore, Russia, Turkey, Australia and other countries, will also be incorporated. These brands may include Gizia from Turkey, Holster from Australia and MDS from Singapore. As the company mentioned, it is aiming to have a distinguished portfolio with handpicked local and global products along with selected artisanal products.

So, Reliance is all set to make a grand entry into the general merchandising marketplace where it’d give a tough competition to major fashion ecommerce players such as Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart!

Ecommerce is getting bigger and better. Isn’t it?

Commercial vehicle sales, revved by ecommerce

Ecommerce, as we know, has been being very fruitful for almost all the business sectors including FMCG. And now it’s the commercial vehicle sector that has been at a benefit!

Yes, the ease of online shopping has boosted the sales of various types of goods and now, people are even ordering their automobiles online! Quite unbelievable, isn’t it?

Some leading commercial vehicle manufacturers have acknowledged that ecommerce is one of the topmost contributors to their strong business performance these days.

Tata Motors is India’s top commercial vehicle manufacturer that sells an average of 13,500 light commercial vehicles every month. According to its Executive Director, Mr. Ravi Pisharody, they have already sold around 1000 mini trucks which are used for last mile deliveries. In a month, they retail around 100 to 200 small commercial vehicles that are used for deliveries of ecommerce-related goods. And if the consumption continues to accelerate beyond the traditional sales, it would result in higher demand of trucks in the heavy duty segment as well.

The Managing Director at Ashok Leyland also holds similar views on this topic. According to him, ecommerce has certainly helped them to increase sales. In order to avoid the hassle of going to the store and purchase, customers are now preferring to order vehicles online.

As stated by the Transport Corporation of India in their latest annual report, logistics requirements for ecommerce will grow at the same pace as of ecommerce itself. Specialized needs of the escalating ecommerce and cold chain industry will spawn a range of opportunities for niche-organized logistics players.

However, ecommerce still accounts for only a small part of the domestic freight sector, the growth potential is big. Over the next three to four years, the revenue opportunity from the ecommerce boom is likely to be as high as $500 million (Rs 3,400 crore).

While the demand has so far been mostly for light vehicles which are utilized for last mile deliveries, the industry executives expect it to spill over to the heavy vehicles segment as well.

Today, people are getting most of their stuff online right from groceries to gadgets and the trend will certainly continue. May the predictions and statistics of India’s ecommerce market vary, but nothing can cut-off the growth and impact of ecommerce!

5 reasons why you should tell your customers thank you!

There is an immensely competitive business market out there and to survive, you would have to entertain your customers anyhow. Knowing the risk of a business failure, it is always necessary for business entrepreneurs to be abreast with their customers’ requirements. For any business, customers always remain the lifeline and hence, companies do anything and everything to make them happy. Following are 5 key reasons why you should tell thank you to your valuable customers:

#5 For building a successful business

A business full of loyal and happy customers would surely prosper by leaps and bounds. Treat them as an important asset to you and even in your rough times, they’ll stand by you. But always remember that you don’t say thank you to them just to increase your sales but to build genuine relationships.

#4 For a memorable experience

After placing their order, shoppers eagerly wait for their ‘open-the-box’ moment. Rather than sending digital thank you through text messages or e-mails, a printed or hand-signed thank you note would give the shoppers a memorable and personalized shopping experience which they’d love. Also, a well-designed thank you card is a unique way to print your company name and website on their mind. There are chances that some customers may store those thank you cards and refer shopping from your site to their friends or relatives.

#3 To increase promotions and referrals

Customers who feel appreciated and valued by you often become your business fans. These loyal and wonderful people would not only follow you but also participate in your community. Ultimately, they would become the ones who’d contribute in spreading your business and your products through word-of-mouth publicity. And they would directly refer your products to others happily.

#2 For better B2C relationships

If you’re in an ecommerce business, your success directly lies with your shoppers. By letting them know that they mean a lot to you, you’d be able to successfully build a bridge of trust and a long-lasting B2C relationship. This would ultimately accelerate your business.

#1 Because they deserve it!

The most important thing is to thank your customers irrespective of how frequently they shop from your site. Without your amazing customers, you cannot achieve success.

Hence whatever it takes, win the hearts of your customers and the battle is almost won. Their appreciation is one of the most important achievements for your business.