Boost your ecommerce sales with these psychological tricks

Boosting the sales has always been a challenge for the ecommerce business owners. An infallible digital marketing strategy can help but if you understand your customers, nothing can be better than that! For running a profitable ecommerce store, you need to be sure that you use some powerful mind-tricks to engage more and more customers. This infographic tells you about some psychological tricks to boost your sales. Have a read, please!

Boost your ecommerce sales with these psychological tricks WebBlog Infographic


Good customer service can bring you good business

Do you agree with the fact that customers are god for any business? You’ll have to! Because whether you have an offline or an online store, success of your business depends directly on how your customers feel about you. Your business can fly or fail depending on the customer service they provide.

Meeting your customers’ expectations is not a need but a necessity! It matters whether your marketing strategy is customer-centric or not. It matters how you respond to your customers’ queries. It matters how flexible your approach of treating them is. Because if you’d provide them good customer service, they’d give you good return on your investments.

Refer this infographic to have a better understanding:



5 reasons why you should tell your customers thank you!

There is an immensely competitive business market out there and to survive, you would have to entertain your customers anyhow. Knowing the risk of a business failure, it is always necessary for business entrepreneurs to be abreast with their customers’ requirements. For any business, customers always remain the lifeline and hence, companies do anything and everything to make them happy. Following are 5 key reasons why you should tell thank you to your valuable customers:

#5 For building a successful business

A business full of loyal and happy customers would surely prosper by leaps and bounds. Treat them as an important asset to you and even in your rough times, they’ll stand by you. But always remember that you don’t say thank you to them just to increase your sales but to build genuine relationships.

#4 For a memorable experience

After placing their order, shoppers eagerly wait for their ‘open-the-box’ moment. Rather than sending digital thank you through text messages or e-mails, a printed or hand-signed thank you note would give the shoppers a memorable and personalized shopping experience which they’d love. Also, a well-designed thank you card is a unique way to print your company name and website on their mind. There are chances that some customers may store those thank you cards and refer shopping from your site to their friends or relatives.

#3 To increase promotions and referrals

Customers who feel appreciated and valued by you often become your business fans. These loyal and wonderful people would not only follow you but also participate in your community. Ultimately, they would become the ones who’d contribute in spreading your business and your products through word-of-mouth publicity. And they would directly refer your products to others happily.

#2 For better B2C relationships

If you’re in an ecommerce business, your success directly lies with your shoppers. By letting them know that they mean a lot to you, you’d be able to successfully build a bridge of trust and a long-lasting B2C relationship. This would ultimately accelerate your business.

#1 Because they deserve it!

The most important thing is to thank your customers irrespective of how frequently they shop from your site. Without your amazing customers, you cannot achieve success.

Hence whatever it takes, win the hearts of your customers and the battle is almost won. Their appreciation is one of the most important achievements for your business.

In case you ship your packages yourself…

Are you a newbie in the ecommerce scene? If so, you might not have a big budget to spend on. Probably you might not have a huge fulfillment warehouse for getting your products packed and shipped by a team. You perhaps have to pack and ship them yourself. Well in that case, you need to be more careful and cautious.

First of all, you need to make a full-fledged shipping strategy which may include packaging material, labeling material, labeling techniques, shipping charges, courier service, etc. But among all, the most important thing is to successfully deliver your products to the customers in order to earn their trust in return.

Unboxing experience

What kind of experience do you want to give your customers when they unbox your product? This is an important thing to consider because although your product is so well in terms of features and everything, but a bad unboxing experience would ruin everything. And once you decide the experience you want to deliver to your customers, rest of the things would be easy. It’s not just about an individual’s experience that matters but also his/her word-of-mouth promotions! According to a study, shoppers share their unboxing experience with one another and even post them on social media along with the photograph or a video.

Packaging and marketing

Before a few years, online shoppers were only interested in their order delivered to them but not today! Today, people are equally interested in the packaging and the overall presentation. Many online brands use their packaging as a marketing channel. A US-based online retailer, Everlane is one that spreads the brand name through their packaging. Their products arrive wrapped in craft paper with a Thank You note which gives a personalized touch to the packaging. It also encourages shoppers to click a picture and post it on social media. So you can also wisely choose your packaging to make the most out of it.

Shipping costs

One of the main factors behind shipping cost is size and weight of your package. Since courier services also charge depending on the same, it is advisable to keep packaging as minimalistic and light as possible. So carefully choose packaging that is big enough to hold your product but not excessively big that it increases your shipping costs. Depending on the type and size of products, keep at least three different packaging sizes (small, medium and large) to save you on the shipping costs.

Though many variables are associated with packaging and shipping, it is not that tough to handle it by yourself. Prepare a strategy for this and follow it. Also, evaluate the strategy every 5-6 months for long term health and success of your online business.

How you can make your ecommerce site more saleable

You have set up your online store nicely. You are promoting it very well on social media and in other ways. Your website is getting a good number of visitors. But even after all these good things, you are worried about something and that is your SALES. Although putting in your so much, you are not getting conversations. Which part did you miss? Let’s try to get it right:

Product photographs

You want shoppers to trust and buy your products but at the same time, you don’t want to invest much time and money in it! This should not be the case because how you portray your product directly influences the customer to make a purchase. High quality photographs and multiple views of the products are a must. You can also display your product in use so that a shopper can understand how it could be used. On watching it, there are chances that the customer gets more confident about purchasing it from you.

Blog-Image-1Apart from this, 360 degree photography is also in trend! Photographs taken with this technique would give the customer a clear look and feel of the product. You can also get creative with it by choosing a unique different background. For example, while photographing a pair of earrings, you can hang it on a tree branch.

It’s all about description

Along with your product’s photography, also spice it up with juicy product description. Help your customers know everything about the product because while selling, you need to understand that in a physical store, he/she can have an entire look and feel but not in case of an online store.


Enchant and entice your customers with a juicy description of the product. Don’t hesitate to tell them about the product much more than its size, shape, color or material. You have to convince them to make a purchase by informing them why they must HAVE it!

Easily accessible policies and FAQs

Sometimes it is the case that people are unable to find some main links (such as Shipping Policy, Return Policy, etc.) on the ecommerce site. Although you are running out of space, you have to make sure that such pages are easily reachable. You can include a HELP page instead of keeping all of them separate where all these things are mentioned.


It’s the same case with FAQs as well. Along with its easy accessibility, it is also important to cover all the possible concerns in the FAQs, a customer can have. You need to be in your customer’s shoes to know them better.

Your availability matters

Many times the customers don’t buy online due to some queries and doubts in their mind. So if they have such issues with your product or website or if they want to know more about your policies, let them know that they can easily reach you. There are a few ways that you can make contacting easier for them.


If you are available for most of the time when customers visit your ecommerce website, think about an online chat function. The online chat window with the message ‘How can I help you?’ pops up when somebody comes to the site. Also, the links to contact page should be visible and clear. Make sure that you reply to almost all the queries and messages to your inbox. If you would reply instantly to the doubts, then the chances are high that the customers place their order straight away.

Last but not the least, whatever you do, be debonair while riding the horse!

Get ready, set, done for the holidays

India has a long list of holidays, especially the period of August to January. This is the golden period for retailers and e-tailers to sell their goods and earn maximum returns on their investments. While there is a lot to have during the holiday season, we will help you with some insights to make it successful.

Developing a plan

For almost all the ecommerce stores, holiday season is the busiest one of whole year because this period alone generates so much revenue for their businesses. In order to prepare for the period which is going to be hectic, you would have to develop a plan. A few points to remember while developing a plan:

  • The festivals and holidays you are going to target
  • Look at your past holiday campaigns to brush-up the things
  • In case of your first campaign, target some major ecommerce holidays only

Creating a promotional calendar

Once you are done with a tactful plan, it’s time to create a promotional calendar so that you can stay organized and things fall in place. Make a calendar which includes all the details such as:

  • When you will need content and visuals ready
  • When you will need ads ready
  • When you will start the promotions

E-mail marketing for holidays

For the mad holiday season, e-mail marketing holds a great importance. So brainstorm and nail down a foolproof strategy for e-mail marketing. Our ecommerce agency Ecumen will help you design and plan your e-mails from scratch to execution. Things to keep in mind:

  • Personalize the e-mails for certain offers
  • Segment-wise categorize the offers such as age, gender, region, etc.
  • Collate the most active members in the list of your e-mail recipients
  • Decide how frequently you’ll be sending the promotional e-mails

Preparing your online marketplace

After everything is done, it is time to check your website’s immunity. You might have prepared your ecommerce marketing plan for the holiday season. But to ensure that your strategies and hard work count, you must have to take care that your website is prepared to handle any amount of traffic. Also, your team and the website both need to get ready to face and resolve any issue regarding the ecommerce website. Some tips regarding this would help you prep your store:

  • Stress-test your website
  • Update security measures
  • Avoid last-minute changes in the website
  • Make sure all new updates and offers are placed
  • Make sure your app version also talks of the same offers as the website does
  • Make sure your app has special offers which are exclusively for app users

Consider the tips above, plan well and get ready to roll out your ecommerce holiday sale. All the very best! And last but not the least, happy holidays!

Alibaba, Foxconn and SoftBank to invest in Snapdeal

Today, people in India have turned to the internet for buying everything right from books to air tickets and houses. Due to busy schedules, they do not have the time to jump from one shop to another for selecting and purchasing the products of their choice. The fashion of online shopping is developing an enormous craze among people of India. The country’s new generation has started using the internet on their phones by avoiding the computer world almost completely and hence, mobile online shopping too has become very popular among the youngsters. Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong and many other ecommerce players are giving their rivals great competition and ultimately, the ecommerce sector is developing day by day.

Snapdeal is one of such leading online marketplaces in India. In 2010, Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl founded this company and since then, it has been successfully growing by leaps and bounds. The company is now the biggest online shopping marketplace that sells all the products varying from cameras to apparels to kitchen appliances. In the past, Snapdeal acquired FreeCharge and RupeePower. FreeCharge allows people to recharge their prepaid DTH plans and mobile phone plans online whereas RupeePower is a leading comparison platform of India for loans and cards.

Snapdeal is doing so well that even the ecommerce giants from abroad are tempted to invest in the company. Yes, it is right! Surprisingly, multiple sources say that the biggest Chinese ecommerce company, Alibaba along with another successful Taiwanese company, Foxconn has decided to invest in the second largest ecommerce firm of India – Snapdeal. Foxconn is renowned for manufacturing Apple iPhones. Both Alibaba and Foxconn are going to invest around $500 million in the company.

In a last few years, eBay, BlackRock, Bessemer Ventures and SoftBank, in addition to some Indian venture firms such as Nexus Venture Partners and Kalaari Capital had invested in this Indian ecommerce giant. As a result, this ecommerce leader had raised more than $1 billion. This time again, SoftBank which is the largest shareholder of Snapdeal has infused an additional $100 million into this ecommerce company.

Furthermore, to make its foothold in logistics business, Snapdeal has opened up the platform to another vendor named SafeShip. For it, this ecommerce giant has planned to spend $150 million to $200 million for expanding their delivery operations in the next year.

During his visit to India, Jack Ma who is the founder of Alibaba said that they plan to invest more time and money in the country for their online business. They want to invest in the world’s second most populous country which is developing rapidly in the ecommerce sector as well. According to a report, more than 2/3rd of the Indian population is under the age of 35 and the median age of the country is 27 years. Now this median age is 10 years younger than that of the United States. So Jack Ma made his choice to invest in an Indian ecommerce company and what can be better than Snapdeal?

This investment decision of Alibaba and Foxconn would not benefit just their business but will also benefit India. Due to their efforts, the company would take stakes in the Indian companies and will also generate a remarkable number of job opportunities in the country.

3 Tips for Ecommerce CEOs to retain customers

There are three types of people in the online world:

1)      People who are new to the concept of shopping online
2)      People who occasionally buy online
3)      People who love shopping online

In the rat race of selling online, everyone is thinking about how to get new customers, whereas, what ecommerce companies should primarily focus on is – retaining customers. And while this might sound like a piece of cake, it isn’t that easy!

So how can you retain customers? What are the things you should include to your ecommerce marketing strategy?

1)      Pamper them with discounts

Take Flipkart, Snapdeal or Amazon for instance, all of them are popular ecommerce portals running successfully because they have done proper ecommerce marketing and they provide some of the best deals available online to their customers.

You need to encourage your customers to be generous with their time and money, and ensure that they become loyal advocates of your brand. If they love the quality of the product you offer or if the service is impeccable, chances are that they will stick to your brand for long.

2)      Track customer behavior

If the customer who loves shopping online is your target audience, track their behavior every time they buy from you. Send them offers according to their preference. Once a customer buys something from you, it is important to give them a reason to return.

If your business is about day-to-day products, repeat purchases by the same customer will take you a long way. Keep in touch with their needs and buying habits. Give them exclusive offers.

3)      Convert them into loyal customers  

For all Ecommerce businesses, the best customer is one you already have. And maintaining a loyal customer base is a challenge most businesses face in this ever-changing Ecommerce landscape.

To convert your customers into loyal customers use emails to your advantage, give your customers the first look or an exclusive preview of your new products or sale items. Give coupon codes that are available only to email newsletter subscribers. Make sure they know they’re getting an exclusive offer.

Amazon is all set to make its biggest investment in India!

Amazon, the leading global ecommerce portal is all set to open its biggest Fulfillment Centre (FC) at Kothur in Telangana. Their efforts would really boost the ecommerce marketing and development in India.

Amazon India’s director for operations, Mr. Akhil Saxena said the FC will also enable faster and quicker delivery of products to customers in the region.

Fact Sheet:

  • The FC will be spread over 2,80,000 square feet and is located 60 kms away from Hyderabad. It will be the biggest among the 11 warehouses that Amazon has in eight states across the country.
  • The facility will have a storage capacity of over 2.5 million cubic meters
  • The state government has allotted 10 acres of land for the campus in the IT corridor of Gachibowli.
  • Amazon will be investing about Rs. 1,800 crores in the facility, said an official in the state’s IT department.

Benefit to SMBs:

  • The new facility will help Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in Telangana and the nearby region to gain access to and service customers across the country at low operating costs.
  • Amazon has already signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Telangana to train thousands of sellers across the state in ecommerce and take advantage of the digital economy.
  • Amazon India will offer trainings to SMEs through seminars, workshops, video aids and ready reckoners on how to list and manage inventory for an ecommerce business.

Telangana’s Information Technology Minister, Shri K. Tarakarama Rao inaugurated the FC and stated that Amazon will build a 2.8 million square feet campus in Hyderabad, which will be its biggest campus outside the United States. Work on the project would begin soon.

The minister, who visited United States last month, said he requested Amazon to set up a data centre in Hyderabad and bring Amazon Web Services (AWS),which is a collection of remote computing services, to Telangana and he is expecting a delegation from the US to visit Hyderabad soon.

Ecommerce in India in 2015

A number of ecommerce marketing companies cater ecommerce solutions in India and along with that, a number of companies also have started going online. In the last few years, ecommerce has seen tremendous growth and probably 2015 turns out to be a good year for it as people expect new ventures to jump in and reap the benefits of the already blooming scenario. This infographic by Vouchercloud cleverly depicts the growth of ecommerce and its future in 2015: