CRM through Social Networks

If your ecommerce marketing strategy includes Social Networking or Bookmarking, then you have a better chance to grow your ecommerce business because social networking or bookmarking is getting more and more popular among the internet users, these days. The most frequently used sites are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube or social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit as almost each and every internet user must be having an account on these sites. These sites not only help one connect with more and more people across the globe but also provide tons of information on every existing thing in the world.

These networking sites provide you with a platform to develop relationship with your customers by being in touch with them and updating them about your business, which in turn will make you more popular. Joining these sites will give your business an exposure through networking and you can always get your clients’ feedback about what they need, what are their expectations and many more such things.

Social Networking can be your one of the ecommerce marketing strategies and it can be used very effectively for your business by using some of the tips:

1.Create a very user friendly website providing more and more information about your contact details so it becomes easy for people from networking sites to get in touch with you through both online and offline methods.

2. A very important aspect of Social Networking is to be active and keep posting about your recent updates. Constant interaction will also benefit your business. If you feel too tied up for handling this on a regular basis, hire someone to manage your account.

3. The next step, after making some friends on social networking is to keep a check on what your friends share, would like to share about your store, use the buttons “Like” and “Retweet” to see the updates.

4. Choose not to overdo advertisements for discount offers on festivals.This will help you show as a person and not only an ecommerce agency promoting its products/services. And it is always OK to promote your products on the remaining days of the year.

5. For gaining more loyal customers you should work on finding user created groups related to your products or business and become an active member of these groups.

Even you wouldn’t want to lose a chance to win a prestigious customer! So start promoting your business on social networking sites on your own or take help from an ecommerce solutions provider.