Customer Service – When was the last time you TALKED to your customer?

One of the most important aspects of running an ecommerce business is providing exceptional Customer Service. Be friendly with your customers and always have a customer friendly tone while answering their queries.

Most ecommerce businesses receive complaints regarding late delivery or payment issues or issues regarding ordering and most social media managers end up either ignoring or replying inappropriately to them. That ruins the company’s image. Don’t do that! Instead, give a polite reply and explain them the reason of the delay or the problem and give a solution or a deadline by which the solution will be given to them, and then live up to it.

Offer Multi-channel Support

Instead of having a boring contact form, offer choices such as live chat, Skype support and toll-free numbers to call. Many customers use more than one support channel on a regular basis. Provide consistent support experience on all channels.

Respond on Social Media

Be there, listen, and interact. Social media is a platform of communication. If people post a comment on your page, you should ideally reply within 8 hours or less. Quick response is the key. Customers are less likely to buy products from companies who leave social media complaints unanswered.

Track all Customer Interactions

To make it easy for your support agents, track all customer interactions on multiple channels to avoid confusion. This will help you in providing consistent support over all channels.

Provide online chat

No matter how many channels of customer support you provide, providing live chat is very important. People who wish to instantly message and get an answer to a query, always prefer live chat over any other channel. Many a times, customers have small, immediate concerns that are urgent and hence they cannot wait for you to reply on email nor can they hold the call for too long; and this is when online live chat comes handy.

Focus on timely responses

Customer Support works best with immediate responses. If the customer is satisfied with your problem-solving skills, chances are that you have won his/her confidence and earned a loyal customer for your business. Even on phone, customers are likely to do business with companies who respond within a minute.

Multi-lingual support

Although English is the preferred language for the most online marketplaces, it is always recommended to provide support in multiple languages so that people feel comfortable in seeking help. There are people who change their language even when they speak, so it is always a good idea to speak to them in their preferred language.

Ask for Feedback

Knowing what your customers think about your brand, products, service, and customer support is very important. Also, know that feedbacks are not always positive, hence be prepared, their feedback will help you improve.

Deliver a Wow Experience

If Customer Service works, everything falls in sync. Every customer who gets an answer to his/her query and is satisfied, is a happy customer. Identifying and resolving the issue skillfully and ensuring ease of access always works.

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