Design Ecommerce Website like a Pro

You saw a beautiful ad on your Facebook timeline and went straight to the website to check out this product. After few anxious minutes, you see a tray of icons before you. This is when you realize that your product is somewhere in that maze. But you are not disheartened, you decide to take up the challenge and start hunting for your product. After struggling for few more minutes, you finally have your product before you. But on a closer look you find that your product is not what you thought it to be (the way it looked in the ad). You lose your temper and…

Okay, to cut the long story short, you chose not to buy because of shoddy portal design. I know this has happened a lot of time to a lot of people. But surprisingly, ecommerce web development is neither rocket science nor… well you know what I mean.
So, here’s the list of features your ecommerce website should have. Though it’s not an exhaustive list but yes it does make a difference to your portal.

Handy Filters

This feature comes handy when you are visiting a website which is loaded with plenty of options. Your product may or may not have that many different features, but by providing filters you are going to enhance the experience of buying and impress many of your choosy customers. Go through Flipkart or Amazon’s filter features and you will know why they are so handy.

Intelligent Search Bar

Search bars are like direction placards which help you head straight towards your product. When a visitor comes to your website looking for your product, he is most likely to look for the search bar. And if you have not placed the search bar at the right place you are bound to lose your customers.

Deals and Freebies

When people visit an online marketplace, they are mostly looking for freebies or ‘sweet deals’. Make sure that you have got all the banners and deals at the right place. Customers are more likely to buy a product with slashed prices than the average product displaying no discounts. Studies have proved that people don’t mind paying marginal shipping charges even though they are available to their nearest brick and mortar store.

Latest and Most Popular Products

Never shy away from displaying the latest and most popular products on your home page. Chances are pretty high that those visiting your website for the first time are going to get attracted by your latest offerings and it will also engage your old customers who like to surf through your product catalog on regular basis.

Online and Tele Support

Today people interact and spend all their time online. Be it social media or chat rooms. Let them reach to you through your online channels. Share your official Facebook, Twitter profiles with your customers and let them share their complaints and queries with you. But for some people, a one to one approach works the best, so do share your telephone number on your portal in case they want to talk to you.

The Final Price

Nothing annoys a customer like a hidden cost. Trust me! It is better to display the correct price tag to your product than adding it at the payout stage. If possible, add the shipping cost to the final price and display all your calculations.


If you carefully study famous ecommerce portals like Amazon or Flipkart then you will observe that a lot of efforts have been invested in designing and organizing these features. So always keep in mind the customer’s point of view which most of ecommerce portals fail to reckon. You can also hire web developers to have a good ecommerce website.