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Digital marketing differs from traditional internet marketing as it involves the use of channels and methods that enable an organization to do targeted marketing activities, analyse marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t [typically in real-time].
The information consumption pattern of Indians is changing fast. It’s moving away from traditional media like News Papers, Magazines or TV in favour of digital data consumption on PCs, Mobiles & Tabs. For an ecommerce business it becomes all the more important to have a right digital marketing strategy in place. Often start-ups underestimate the efforts and money required for digital marketing in order to build sales in the initial years of business and in the process end up hiring the wrong digital marketing company.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
& Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are the most common ways of finding products, services, sellers etc.
  • Searching is one of the common tool for seeking online information. Search engines are the resources that help the people to search any kind of information on the web in a simple and easy way.
  • People like to search information on Google as it provides better interface, features and ease of use to the users. It performs better than the other search engines options available, hence is dominating the market.
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Our expertise


  • Optimal SEO strategies (both on-page and off-page) that drive traffic to your site
  • Effective link building campaigns
  • Keyword-rich and engaging copy; blogs; articles for on-page and off-page activities


  • Unique SEO strategies for all product category and landing pages
  • Dynamic on-page meta descriptions for all products
  • Build deep inbound links
  • Coordination with your web team
  • Pro-active reporting
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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is more of a branding exercise than a hardcore sales driving activity. There are numerous examples of very successful brand building exercises primarily driven on social media.Not only is it very cost effective but it also offers unique advantages that traditional media cannot match. It is your ticket to engaging and interacting with your target audience in a whole new way! Do not forget to include social media marketing in your ecommerce marketing strategy.

Our social media experts work hand in hand with you to form simple, efficient and edgy social media strategies and their seamless execution. Because our team has a diverse mix of experts– content strategists, social media specialists, programmers, designers, video experts and online marketing professionals, we can provide you a whole basket of offerings like no one else can. We’ve managed profiles of well-established companies, medium sized businesses and new startups-and they’re all doing great on social media!

What makes social media a great platform is the amount of time spent by audiences. Also it is important to look at social media as an integral part of the overall digital marketing campaign which is provided best by an agency that provides holistic digital marketing services.


Facebook is the indisputable leader amongst the myriad of social media platforms that have cropped up in the past decade. Statistics show that the user-base of Facebook in India has crossed 241 million by the end of July – 2017. (Source – As per a report in TOI, India has the most Facebook users and nearly 201 million monthly active users. If you are looking to reach out to maximum number of people, Facebook is the platform for you.


Instagram has immense potential to increase the social reach for your brand. Instagram crossed over 38M (approx.) users in India by the end of April – 2017. 85% of this user-base is younger than 45. Maximum number of people on this platform are interested in travel, sports and music. (Source- If your business has a picturesque value, this medium can work wonders.


YouTube has seen a massive surge in India with 180 million (approx.) monthly active users on mobile devices alone, as per a report in The Hindu.
It’s a platform to keep in touch with specific audiences. If your business can naturally dish out videos that are likable and shareable, you’ll find this medium very rewarding.

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marketing tends to be more retention oriented than acquisition oriented. There are very few digital marketing agencies in India that provide effective and result-oriented email marketing services.

Email Marketing Success Factors:

  • Quality of email database
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Using behavioral triggers
  • Personalized message, content & call to action
  • Time and day of the week
  • Testing and optimization
  • Effective monitoring of post campaign report

Holistic Digital Marketing Campaign for Brands

Ecumen has expertise in strategizing and executing digital campaigns for brands, new product launches, canvassing for elections, etc. We work with brands to bifurcate their media spends over relevant social media channels. Our campaigns ensure presence over every major TG capture point and a nationwide reach for your brand.

  • Our team of social marketers will be on your campaign 24 x 7, ensuring that you become phenomena in the digital world.
  • We provide detailed web analytics so that you can keep track of your visitors, their online behavior, traffic channels and modify the ecommerce marketing strategy accordingly.
  • We offer both design and development services under one roof so you don’t have to go anywhere else for anything.
  • You can also rely on us for positive SEO and SEM as well as Online Reputation Management, should your brand need it.
  • All our online marketing services are in sync with each other so that the visual and strategic continuity is maintained.
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As your specialist digital marketing agency, we help you create a powerful and engaging presence online.

Our core digital marketing services include SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and affiliate marketing. Tap into our rich pool of highly certified and experienced digital marketers and use their expertise in PPC, SEO and Display advertising so you can reap rich rewards.

Looking for industry’s best social media experts and high-performance digital marketing company? Choose our expert team of content strategists, social media specialists, programmers, designers, video experts and online marketing professionals, who can provide you an entire spectrum of online marketing offering that is second to none.