Does Social Media Drive Ecommerce Sales ?

The question of whether social media can result in sales or is social media worth it, if it’s not driving ecommerce sales is pretty much as old as social media itself. Business owners often wonder about the questions such as “Is my Facebook page actually driving sales?” or “Is all tweeting really doing anything for my business? Should I be on Pinterest and Instagram?” Well, it turns out when it comes to ecommerce, being social matters. Social media is more about building brand awareness and a community around a brand, than it is about driving transactions. Social media traffic is in fact, a key driver for ecommerce sales. Social media does drive online sales, indirectly. The higher the level of participation in a social media event, the greater the impact on a consumer’s purchasing activity. Events that encourage participants to recreate the core benefits of a brand have higher lift effects than more generic posts—resembling a “co-creation effect.” In conclusion, having a social media strategy for your B2B marketplace is extremely important for driving sales, even if you can’t measure it.