E-models of the Great Indian Ecommerce

There has to be a reason why ecommerce business scenario is flourishing and how! Various new entrants are trying to build an ecommerce platform that stands out and does well to them.

Everyone who wishes to enter the market of ecommerce has a few models to choose from. These define the purpose and the type of platform to be created.

The Ecommerce development models differ in different countries. Here is a list of models popular in India. So if you are confused about which model to select, this will certainly help you:

Successful ecommerce marketing requires a right ecommerce model and marketplace is one of the most popular ecommerce models, these days. Most of the big ecommerce platforms follow this model and are highly successful.

Marketplace is an e-shopping mall with multiple brands and categories.

When should you opt for this model?
When you are absolutely sure that you can face the competition in this segment and manage it like a pro. You can experiment with new categories and different ways of marketing.

Popular Portals
• Amazon
• Flipkart
• Snapdeal

And while Marketplace is an e-shopping mall with multiple brands and categories, a vertical marketplace is an e-shopping mall catering to a specific segment.

When should you opt for this model?
If you wish to develop an experience for your customers who love to shop online. Choose a segment and provide them the best brands with the best deals and offers. The success depends on what you offer – a different niche or discounts to die for.

Popular Portals
• Lenskart
• Zivame
• Myntra
• Jabong
• Roposo

When a brand decides to go online by owing its own exclusive ecommerce website, it is referred to as an exclusive online brand store. The online store offers the entire catalogue range of the brand, caters to its target market and reflects the look and feel of the brand.

When should you opt for this model?
If you wish to establish yourself as a popular brand in the online space and have the capability of managing the backend of an ecommerce portal. Managing retail and online at the same time will be a challenge worth taking up.

Popular Portals
• Lenovo
• Canon
• Timex
• HP
• Samsung

As the name suggests, aggregators are websites that are a collection of information on goods and/or services from various competing sources.

The core idea is to build an ‘environment’ that ensures visitors benefit from the system of easy comparison of prices and specifications.

When should you opt for this model?
And if you think that your retail is doing extremely well, and you will not be able to manage an online store, the easier way is to sell it on aggregator sites. They will sell your brand and you get the money but not the niche!

Popular Portals
• Policybazaar
• Junglee
• MakeMyTrip

Customized or Personalized products can be bought online. Variations to the current product can be requested or built in options to choose from – to customize.

Popular Portals
• Custom-built products from DELL and Apple
• Giveter

When should you opt for this model?
There is a lot to explore in this model. If you can provide new ways to customize and create a buzz about it, it can work wonders. In-build options to customize various products and a backend to effectively manage the portal.

An uncharted territory, social platforms could also be turned into ecommerce business models. Also, affiliate offers can be worked out on any of the social media platforms.

When should you opt for this model?
When you want to target a young crowd that is tech savvy and likes to explore new ways of associating with their favorite brands.

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