Easier returns – A sure way to boost your ecommerce transactions

Hiring more salespersons for your online store or offering good discounts might fail to bring you more transactions. But re-evaluating and simplifying your Return Policy can certainly do that for you!

Just think. At a brick and mortar store, customers can touch, feel, smell and actually experience the products but an ecommerce store probably cannot offer this. At a physical store, chances are more that the customer will buy at least one product he/she has played with during the visit. This is because such stores can offer the Try-and-Buy facility. However in some product sectors, it’s possible in case of online stores as well!

Well, it’s not a rocket science! What you have to do is making the returns crazily easy. If they can easily return your products, you’ll succeed in offering your customers at least Buy-and-Try, if not Try-and-Buy! And this way, they’d be more likely engage with you for a long period of time.

So how to do it?

Following are some simple ways to convert the shoppers into your loyal customers.

Keep it simple

Keep your Return Policy fairly simple and visible on your website. Avoid drafting a complex and lengthy policy which shoppers find too tough to understand and return back without buying anything from your website.

Everyone loves FREE!

Customers obviously like that they’re not charged for returning the product. So offer them free returns, if possible! And if you don’t want to offer completely free returns then keep it nominal. Studies have shown that free shipping and returns help an online business boost the transactions.

Help them return your products!

Sounds odd? As if you are telling them that you expect them to hate your products! No, it really works! Sending your customers the necessary materials they’d require to return your product, would convey an entirely different message. Helping them with return shows how helpful you are to your customers. By not serving just your purpose, you also help them make the entire return process easy. They would love you more for this!

If you actually succeed in making your return policy easier and simpler, then your online business will soon have a number of happy, satisfied and loyal customers!

All the best! We hope that your business reaches the pinnacle of success!