190 ecommerce firms shut shop last year.

Half of them closed down within a year of their launch.

We want your ebusiness to succeed.

Most ecommerce ventures fail because they are not thoroughly planned. Ensure yours doesn’t; by joining hands with experts.

Get targeted insights through a peek into your competitor’s tactics. Test the market and chalk up strategies that are right for your business.

Ecumen’s ecommerce consulting services will prove the single most important success factor for your venture.

Ecommerce Consulting Services

Our ecommerce consultants and business analysts will conduct a thorough research of your targeted markets, competitors with similar business models, their marketing strategies and deliver a concise report that will prove crucial to your ecommerce business.

Entrepreneurs, who are planning to bring a VC or an investor on-board, find our reports extremely helpful. We have specific modules that focus on Financial Planning, Sales Projections, Break-even Analysis, VC Contribution etc.

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  • team of seasoned market researchers

    Compare facts and figures to unearth information about current market trends, assess risk in specific business models and learn the marketing tactics of your competitors.

  • We work across categories

    Our team works with numerous Ecommerce players across various categories like Apparel, Home Décor, Jewelry, Safety Equipment, Grocery, Industrial Goods etc.

  • knowledge partners with India’s top researchers

    Ecumen’s consultancy service brings you years of ecommerce experience as well as reach to industry knowledge base generated by India’s top researchers.


Detailed Competition Analysis

Watch our market analysts unearth statistics and juicy business secrets of market leaders of your industry. Get a detailed analytics report with valuable insights on the market trends and competitor’s strategies.

Business Model Advisory

Now that the scene is set,

it’s time to plan, plan, plan.

Through its Ecommerce Consulting Services Ecumen will help you with data on the key aspects that will make or break your ecommerce business. Like, say consumer behavior and shipping set up, for example.

Digital Marketing Advisory

Get this right, and you’re home! Smartly spread your budget across various marketing activities. Reduce your spending significantly by targeting specific audience.

Concentrate singularly on conversion.

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Financial Advisory & Funding Support

An important part of our consultancy service is that we give you a financial advisory plan and help you make a pitch to VCs or Angel Investors

Lack of pro-active financial planning & funds are the two main reasons why potential businesses never see the light of the day. Ecumen nurtures early stage ventures for success through financial planning, pitch presentations, mentor ship, networking guidance and entrepreneurial wisdom.

So when you are hiring Ecumen for ecommerce consultancy , you are getting an expert venture funding advisore as bonus!

Latest Projects

All Good Scents

All Good Scents


Detailed Market Research for All Good Scents a startup venture in the online perfume industry

Mithai Ecommerce

Mithai Ecommerce


Detailed Business Model Advisory for a startup venture in ecommerce portal for sweets

Photo Orange

Photo Orange


Detailed Competition Analysis for Photo Orange an established photobook brand’s entry into overseas markets

Knowledge Center

We share and publish a lot of knowledge material that would make an interesting read for both startups and established brands alike.

The data is simple to understand, mostly pictorial, extremely insightful, and very relevant from the Indian perspective. It spans varied topics, from case studies of our Consultancy clients to latest updates in the arena of Indian ecommerce. Download here:

Case Study - Photo Orange

CASE STUDY 1: A Case Study in Competition Analysis for an established photobook brandís entry into overseas markets [Booklet]

Case Study - AGS

CASE STUDY 2: A Case Study in Market Research for a new brand entering into the branded perfume space  via an e-tail venture  [Booklet]

Case Study - Affiliate

AFFILIATE SELLING GUIDELINE: A handy booklet on all you need to know about selling on India’s top affiliate websites  [Booklet]

Case Study - Apparel

OPPORTUNITIES IN APPAREL E-TAIL: The brand retailer’s first read before entering into ecommerce [Booklet]

Case Study - Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR RESTAURANTS: Customer psyche and our service-strategies menu for local restaurants looking for some facebook love. [Booklet]

Case Study - Venture Cost Guidelines

VENTURE COST PLANNING GUIDELINE: A comparative price guide for ecommerce start ups  [Report]

Ecumen ecommerce consultants accelerate your ecommerce growth and put you a step ahead of the competition. Our team of talented, experienced and vetted ecommerce consultant work hard to compile quality market research and craft strategies for your target market/ audience.

For over 10 years, Ecumen has helped startups, established companies and industry’s leading ecommerce players across various categories, take the leap into online world and succeed. Our satisfied clients include brands across various categories like apparel, home décor, grocery, industrial brands and many more that have benefited with the razor sharp insight of our teams of ecommerce consultant in India.

We are more than just an ecommerce consultancy and also offer financial advisory and funding support wherein Ecumen consults startup entrepreneurs to nurture early stage ventures. Moreover our ecommerce consultants share their expertise and insights of ecommerce industry in a range of publications like research papers, case-studies and insights through the Ecumen Knowledge centre.

Contact Ecumen, India’s leading ecommerce consultancy today to start or expand your B2B or B2C brand online and script the next big ecommerce success story, Call us now!