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Email marketing trends to look out for in 2018!

Email marketing isn’t going to die any soon! If your business operates only online, then email becomes all the more important for your business. Social media platforms tend to disappear or change their algorithms; however, email marketing is here to stay! So, want to know which email marketing trends to follow in 2018? Read this blog to know more.

Following are the email marketing trends you should look out for in 2018:

1. Mobile-friendly

Most of the people these days access their email accounts through their mobile phone. Hence, it’s become increasingly important to make your emails mobile-friendly. By 2018, more number of users will access their emails from their mobile phones. So, what are the steps you need to keep in mind for email marketing through mobiles? Keep the subject lines short, calls-to-action clear and content very concise.

2. Make it personalized

Gone are the days of mass blasting emails. The open-rates of those emails are extremely low. In fact, emails with subject lines that use people’s first name have a higher open-rate as compared to mass emails. One good recommendation is to personalize the “from” section. Moreover, emails sent from a personalized address will definitely get more open-rates. You should always use thoughtful subject-lines that are more relevant to your target audience. Also, the subject line should not be misleading. Receivers do not like to be tricked.

3. Analytics for email marketing

Wondering how to improve your open-rates? Using the data from your in-built email marketing analytics system will help you improve open-rates. The analytics is your feedback and make a note of the up and down in metrics in order to understand the changes. Play around with the days on which you send the emails to understand which day works best for your subscribers. Also, experiment with the time-of-the-day. Certain time would work best for your emails and while some wouldn’t. If more people are unsubscribing, then you also need to check for the reasons.

4. Automated emails

Automation is designed to save people’s time and money. It helps the business in many ways. Automation in email marketing helps you reach your customers when they actually are looking for your product. These emails are also related to consumer behaviour. Thus, automation is a boon in some ways.

5. Incorporating a video in emails

Mobile devices consume videos very easily and quickly. Several email management systems were unable to embed videos. However, this is not the scenario anymore. You can also use animated GIF’s in your emails to make it more engaging and attractive. Interactivity is also said to increase in 2018. This can be increased through GIF’s, quizzes, add to cart functionality in your emails itself. Another way to increase engagement is by sending emails to the database that actually responds to your emails. Also, provide them with clear calls-to-action. If you want them to watch a video, use that CTA. Whereas, if you want them to read your blog, then make it very clear to them.

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