Essential mobile app marketing lessons to learn

The concept of just developing a mobile app doesn’t work. People won’t come and download your app unless you tell them how the app is beneficial to them. The reason is that there is a tough competition in the market, doesn’t matter which sector you are in. If you really want people to download your app and if you want to reach your targeted audience, then you need to think something huge and smart.

Following are a few lessons which you should learn to get some help on mobile app marketing:


If you are really spending your valuable time and a lot of money, you should have done a good research on which is your million dollar product. Using some popular tools, you can estimate the volume of total downloads in comparison with your competitors. Otherwise, you can also manually find whether your customers are happy or not with your app. Read the user reviews and satisfy your unhappy customers.

Build a Minimum Viable Product

Generally apps are simple, they’re not meant to do a lot of things. So ultimately, you just need to build a minimum viable product and nothing else to confirm the market research. Well, this does not mean an app with lots of bugs and errors. Then it would be certainly rejected by the app stores. So keep it simple yet efficient along with a good design.

Improve your app

There is always a time to make anything better and better. Take feedbacks from the influencers in your niche about your developed app. You can also have opinions from its app users. This way, you will get some honest opinions and you would be able to update your app to make it better. Remember to enhance your app’s quality always.

Pitch in the right way

Of course you would be excited as you have developed a new mobile app and you would want to launch it as soon as possible. But you need to wait and do a smart launch. Market your app through bloggers and journalists. This way, you would have an attention of many people. And to pitch them, just remember these certain points:

  • Ensure to highlight the unique features of your app
  • Insert a short pitch
  • Insert a couple of screenshots and a promo video
  • Try to put in every that thing in your pitch which make them contact you

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