Expand Your Horizons And Discover Product Listing Ads

If you are running your business online and if you have an online marketplace, then you need to plan your ecommerce marketing strategy in a way that it can give you the strong foothold on the online platform. For this, you need to think beyond the ecommerce solutions that you have opted for and expand your horizons. Read ahead and explore an effective option to market your products:

Product Listing Ads


Product Ads include two ad formats, Product Listing Ads and Product Extensions. By linking your Google Adwords and Merchant Center accounts, you will be able to showcase your products directly in your Google.com search ads. Also you receive the benefit of more specific product information in their creatives.

FOR Merchants- Products ads generally work well for E-commerce sites as you get the image listings right on the search pages next to Google Ads also can stand out and look good. We experience significantly higher clickthrough rates with product listing ads compared to standard text ads shown in the same location for many of our clients. It also increase your reach and probability of getting a click as more than one of your product listing ads can appear for a given customer search, and if relevant, a product listing ad and a regular text ad can also appear at the same time.

What are Product Listing Ads and How do they work?
You need to link your Merchant Account with Adwords Account in order to activate this feature. Product listing ads use your existing Google Merchant Center (Merchant Center) product feed to decide how and where to show your ads, instead of keywords. Your listings will be displayed when they’re relevant to a shopping search using the information in this product feed.
Where will Product Listing Ads appear?
Product listing ads will show a set of relevant products for a given search. The products appear with additional information like a product image, price, and the merchant name, without the need for you to create unique ads for each product you sell.
How much would I be charged for Product Listing Ads?
Clicks on product listing ads are charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, since product listings don’t use keywords, you’ll use attributes in your Google Merchant Center product feed to define product targets. These are groups of products specified by brand, product type, and more. Then, you’ll set bids for your product targets. It is also offered as CPA for some selected Advertisers in US.

Which are all attributes to be used in Merchant Listing for Product Ads?
Adwords Grouping for Attributes

adwords_grouping – This can be used for Product Filters to limit a campaign to a group of products, or Product Targets to bid differently for a group of products. This applicable if you want to bid differently for different products or would like to target a group rather than single products.
adwords_labels – This is same as adwords_grouping, but it will only work on CPC. It can hold multiple values, allowing a product to be tagged with multiple labels. Generally it is used to target a single product.
AdWords Exclusion Attributes
adwords_publish – This is used to exclude select offers from Product Ads. If not used all the products will be considered by default.

AdWords Tracking Attributes
adwords_redirect:- Allows advertisers to override the product URL when the product is shown within the context of Product Ads. Used to Track different clicks from Product Extension Ads and Product Listing Ads.

Product Listing Ads are currently available for the following target countries: US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil

Product Extension Ads are currently available for the following target countries: US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Japan