Five Robust Strategies to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rate

“Before getting started with the article, it is essential to learn what actually conversion rate means and why it is so important. Conversation rate can be defined as a rate of selling products to customers visiting your site or you can say that the rate at which you convert your visitors into potential buyers. Conversion rate can decide the success and failure of your ecommerce business. It improves performance of your website and fructifies needs and objects of your business.”

If you are running an ecommerce store, it is obvious that you would want more and more customers to purchase products and services from your website. Many of you get successful in driving traffic to your websites, but eventually fail to convert them into sales. Usually, it has been observed that the industry average for conversion is close to 1-2 % of the total traffic and it is required up to 4-5%. But the question is how to convert first time visitors to prospective buyers? What are the best ecommerce solutions required to increase the conversion rate? For this, developing a solid tactic can generate you the actual revenue from your online portal. Here we are presenting some strong strategies that will tremendously help you to boost your ecommerce website’s sales.

Five Robust Strategies to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Below is the check list:

1. Zero Shipping Charge Is A Boon!

It is the fact that shipping cost is one of the reasons why consumers are not satisfied with the online purchases. In a recent survey, 93% people indicated that free shipping on buying products would encourage them to purchase online. Like it or not, today most of the online stores have fallen in line of free shipping and nearly half of the purchases made online are delivered with zero shipping charges.

2. “Jo Dikhta Hai Wohi Bikta hai”

Create a perfect product line with custom ecommerce website development. The products displayed on your online store should appeal and attract the potential buyers.

a. Quality Product Images

It is very important to use high quality product image to fascinate the customers. Adding more features such as zooming, showing the products in different angles or 360 degree view can be more beneficial.

b. Right Product Description

There is no use of good images if there is no correct information about the products. Before buying a product, people are interested to know the features, specifications, etc of the particular product. Therefore your site must carry relevant information about the products. Try to add some personal comments and recommendations to the product copy.

c. Product Videos

Today everything shows that video is the future. Videos add personal touch and feel to the products. Many of the online portals have started to add videos to their ecommerce web design for almost all of their products. Get started with product videos and it will surely make a difference.

d. Make Sub-sections for Products

Many customers find it difficult to browse so many products together and sometimes they get confused between many clicks. If your online store is selling several products then it is always better to categorize them in different sections. This activity will help your buyers to navigate through your website efficiently.

3. Special Offers And Discounts Are A Must!

A buyer is price sensitive and therefore browses several online stores before purchasing a product. He would surely be interested in the website where some discounts or special offers are running. Your esteemed clients and visitors should always be made aware of the any special discounts, offers or deals running across any product.

4. Driving the Potential Buyers from Shopping Cart Page to Payment Page

Several times it happens that the products added by the buyers to the shopping cart don’t convert into sales. This situation can be tackled by sending emails to the users about their incomplete order status. You can also pop up the contents on the cart when the user logs in the account. This will push the users towards buying the products.

5. Showcase Reviews or Testimonials

In a report, it was observed that nearly 60% of online shoppers refer reviews before any purchase. Most of the buyers read the product reviews before buying any product. And therefore, one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate is to gather and showcase reviews and testimonials of your esteemed clients. The experience shared by clients will provide the true picture about your product and services. Also never delete negative reviews as they too help increase the sales rate.

It is really a difficult task to turn web traffic into money. But with the creative and perfect representation you can achieve your customer’s attraction. You can also consult best ecommerce marketing agency which also can be helpful to increase the conversion rates of your online store.

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