Get inside your potential customer’s mind!

So there are basically two types of people in the online space – people who buy online and people who don’t. As an ecommerce portal, both types of people are your potential customers. You need to get the people who buy online to buy from your website and convince people who don’t buy online – to buy online.

To help you with this task, we have defined a few types of people who use the internet and are capable of buying online and how you could convert them into your customers.


Online shopping for these customers is convenient and fun. They like getting email notifications from retailers and manage their online list via a mobile app or an online tool.

Leverage their interests

Since they represent active online participants, marketers should leverage a full time of ecommerce marketing strategies to keep them engaged. Give them reasons to love buying from you. Spoil them with choices. Treat them with deals and discounts; after all they could become your loyal customers.


A good percentage of the online population falls into this category. They visit all the ecommerce portals that sell what they are looking for to compare the best prices and deals. These are the ones, who spend a considerable amount of time researching products before buying.

Get them to buy

Social media is a helpful tool for reaching these consumers; they often connect with friends, family and strangers to help make purchase decisions. If you come up with an awesome deal, these customers will be the first ones to find out.


They are the ones who are always on the hunt to find the lowest prices. These shoppers believe that they get the best prices online and find deals that are better than those offered in the store.

Spoil them with offers

When reaching these consumers, pricing and promotional strategies are to be considered – that are competitive or better than the in-store offerings.


Privacy and security are worries for these customers who are wary of giving their credit card information online. They might want to shop online but are skeptical about the payment and security.

Get their trust

Cash on Delivery was invented for them! Spoil them with options and compel them to buy your products. To trap these consumers, free shipping is very important.

So now that we have shared the tips to get inside your potential customer’s mind, make the most of it and convert them into your customers.

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