Get ready, set, done for the holidays

India has a long list of holidays, especially the period of August to January. This is the golden period for retailers and e-tailers to sell their goods and earn maximum returns on their investments. While there is a lot to have during the holiday season, we will help you with some insights to make it successful.

Developing a plan

For almost all the ecommerce stores, holiday season is the busiest one of whole year because this period alone generates so much revenue for their businesses. In order to prepare for the period which is going to be hectic, you would have to develop a plan. A few points to remember while developing a plan:

  • The festivals and holidays you are going to target
  • Look at your past holiday campaigns to brush-up the things
  • In case of your first campaign, target some major ecommerce holidays only

Creating a promotional calendar

Once you are done with a tactful plan, it’s time to create a promotional calendar so that you can stay organized and things fall in place. Make a calendar which includes all the details such as:

  • When you will need content and visuals ready
  • When you will need ads ready
  • When you will start the promotions

E-mail marketing for holidays

For the mad holiday season, e-mail marketing holds a great importance. So brainstorm and nail down a foolproof strategy for e-mail marketing. Our ecommerce agency Ecumen will help you design and plan your e-mails from scratch to execution. Things to keep in mind:

  • Personalize the e-mails for certain offers
  • Segment-wise categorize the offers such as age, gender, region, etc.
  • Collate the most active members in the list of your e-mail recipients
  • Decide how frequently you’ll be sending the promotional e-mails

Preparing your online marketplace

After everything is done, it is time to check your website’s immunity. You might have prepared your ecommerce marketing plan for the holiday season. But to ensure that your strategies and hard work count, you must have to take care that your website is prepared to handle any amount of traffic. Also, your team and the website both need to get ready to face and resolve any issue regarding the ecommerce website. Some tips regarding this would help you prep your store:

  • Stress-test your website
  • Update security measures
  • Avoid last-minute changes in the website
  • Make sure all new updates and offers are placed
  • Make sure your app version also talks of the same offers as the website does
  • Make sure your app has special offers which are exclusively for app users

Consider the tips above, plan well and get ready to roll out your ecommerce holiday sale. All the very best! And last but not the least, happy holidays!