Google Adwords- Tracking Your Product Extension and Listing Ads

You must have well-planned your ecommerce marketing strategies and for that, you might have added some campaigns for ecommerce marketing. For optimizing your campaigns more effectively, now, it is a good news that Google Adwords has introduced Monitoring and Tracking your Product Extension Ads. Again, the effectiveness of the ad can easily be tracked through sales of the item and/or a general increase in customer count. Knowing EXACTLY where you traffic, leads, and sales are coming from can be one of the most valuable things that you can leverage for maximum results!

Since the time Product Ads is introduced it’s been difficult to track it completely from Adwords. Integrating your merchant account with Adwords will give access to Product Extension Ads and Product Listing Ads. By linking Google Adwords and Merchant Center accounts, you will be able to surface your products directly in your search ads (and Google Images ads when opted into the Search Network) also receive the benefit of richer, more specific product information in their creative’s, including images and prices.

In order to optimize the account it is important to know the source of the Traffic whether it is from a product extensions ad or product listings.

Tracking Clicks – Product Extension Ads vs. Product Listing Ads

Google Offers few Attribute for Adwords in the Product Feed for Merchant Centre. By using the “adwords_redirect” attribute, and the {ifpe:} and {ifpla:} ValueTrack parameters it could be easily tracked whether the traffic is coming from Product Extension Ads or Listing Ads.

ifpe valuetrack parameter allows you to specify a value that Google should display when your offers are shown in the context of Product Extensions.

ifpla valuetrack parameter allows you to determine which value Google should display when your offers are shown as Product Listing Ads. The real utility of these valuetrack parameters comes when they are used together to establish different values.

Also you can use both the parameters to track to redefine entirely different URLs for each advertising program. This can become useful if you are tracking each URL with different tracking technologies

Main URL


URL in your adwords_redirect attributes:{ifpe:1}{ifpla:2}

When clicks are coming from Product Extensions enabled ads:

When clicks are coming from Product Listing ads:

Keywords Tracking for Products Ads

In Order to Track Keywords that matched your ad, Use the {keyword} string in your URLs, which will dynamically insert the keyword that triggered the ad into the URL.

adwords_redirect ={keyword}


Conversions Tracking for Product Ads

As per Google, all conversion data in ads with product extensions will be counted like regular statistics in your Adwords account. However, if you want to track conversion metrics for products showcased from your Merchant Center via product extensions and you’re using Google Analytics, the easiest way is to ensure you have Auto-tagging enabled in your Adwords account. If you’re not using Google Analytics, you can still set tracking URLs by leveraging the adwords_redirect attribute in Merchant Center.

Product Listing Ads are currently available for the following target countries: US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, Italy, Japan, Brazil


Product Extension Ads are currently available for the following target countries: US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Japan