Guerrilla war among ecommerce players

Do you remember the brand battles of Pepsi versus Coca-Cola, The Times of India versus The Hindu, Micromax versus Samsung and many others? How can one forget the ambush between Cadbury’s ‘Meetha hai khana, aaj pehli tareekh hai…’ versus Nestle’s ‘Khao bina tareekh dekhe…’? Such guerrilla campaigns of ecommerce marketing are also very famous.

Are you aware of the latest campaign ‘Nahi Kharida? #AchhaKiya.’? If you are not aware, let us inform you that one of the prime ecommerce players of India – Flipkart has recently launched this campaign to engage and attract more customers in a unique manner. They tried to make people wonder with their campaign’s tagline which depicted that if they have not purchased, then they have made the correct choice. This makes us wonder why Flipkart, instead of boosting sales, telling people that if they didn’t buy, they made the right choice.


Through almost all the channels of promotion – radio, television, OOH, print and digital platforms, Flipkart played it well. Not only this, but the campaign had massive engagement on social media also. Furthermore, their hash tag #AchhaKiya went incredibly viral on different social media channels. The video advertisements introducing this campaign also generated enormous impact on YouTube. Two of them are – ‘Blue bag nahi khareeda? Achha Kiya.’and ‘Bada TV nahi khareeda? Achha Kiya.’


Everything was going well with Flipkart until the great rival – Snapdeal gave them a slap. It seemed that Snapdeal was all ready to counteract on the ecommerce marketing activities of its rival. Very wisely and tactfully, they introduced a campaign called ‘Accha Kiya Bata Diya, #YahanSeKharido.’ What can be a better answer to Flipkart’s promotional efforts than this? Not only this, but Snapdeal also placed their billboards exactly below or above the ones placed by Flipkart, which was bang-on positioning. So once again Flipkart and Snapdeal locked horns giving their customers a dose of entertainment.


Adding fuel to the fire, who took benefit from this antagonism of thsese online marketplaces, was CouponDunia – one of the leading coupon-listing portals in India. The company came up with a similar campaign of ‘Kahin se bhi khareedo, #BachaoIdharSe’ which meant – ‘From wherever you buy, save from here’. Like Snapdeal, CouponDunia also put their billboards next to the ones by Flipkart and Snapdeal. The Indian audience really got a great dose of humor and wit. They got a precious opportunity to pass on different trolls on this.


You think that the story ends here, do you? If yes, then hang on, it doesn’t! Now the show-stopper comes in – Paisa Bazaar which is a financial advisory firm offering credit cards, loans, mutual funds, corporate deposits, etc. As if this whole ecommerce war was less entertaining, this online player also launched the campaign of ‘Khareedne ke liye, #PaisaChahiye.’ highlighting the fact that you would need money to buy anything irrespective of where you are buying it from. And it was not a surprise to know that they also made sure that their OOH boards were kept with those of all 3 game players.

If this wasn’t enough to tickle your funny bone, following are some more trolls:


The Indian Ecommerce marketplace is witnessing cut-throat competition and to stand tall in this competition to be visible, you need to be quick, witty and a perfect opportunist. As they say, every good thing must come to an end, the big brand battle show ends here! This whole show gave customers many opportunities to laugh out loud. So if you want more such trolls, all we can do it is to stay tuned!