How Instagram Stories helps brands grow online?

Instagram Stories, a new feature by Instagram lets you share everyday candid photos and videos within a time window of last 24 hours with everyone, without having to post them on your profile. Seemingly inspired by Snapchat’s ‘Stories’, the Instagram Stories packs in the last 24 hours sewed together into a 10-second slideshow of photos and videos that appears on atop the Instagram. The feed however disappears after 24 hours unless you choose to save it for your profile. A colorful circle appears around the profile photo to let your followers know that you have a story to share.

Instagram Stories is an opportunity for people and brands to capture and share highlights and their unique stories using creative tools in a new way. This new features comes across as an effort by Instagram to attract and retain the young millennial  audience,  while at the same time it holds immense potential for brands and especially ecommerce companies to pitch and express themselves visually by connecting on a  personal level with  their audiences.

Instagram is considered more brand-friendly over Snapchat and is a more popular platform used by brands to pitch and connect with audiences. The new feature of ‘Instagram Stories’ takes the ability of Instagram to generate fun content a notch higher. Although Instagram is all about curated feed, the new ‘Instagram Stories’ feature enables brands to share photos, events and brand story without bombarding their followers or overposting.

With more than 500 million monthly active users and 300 million daily active users worldwide, Instagram offers a world of opportunity for brands. According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, brands and ecommerce businesses will find a tremendous use case through a dynamic, urgent story.

Ecommerce companies are increasingly using Instagram to express themselves visually and build a passionate community. Brands are already jumping over one another to make the most of this new feature. Brands like RedBull, GE, Nike and have already released its first Instagram story.

5 Tips to Make the Most of Instagram Stories for brands

We explore some exciting tips for Instagram Stories and how you as a brand can make the most of it.

  • Upload photos, Boomerangs and Hyperlapses to make the most of the visual medium.
  • Choose from the seven filters by simply swiping left or right.
  • Choose from the three different brush tool, pen, marker and neon to draw on your photos.
  • Select different colors in the paint palette to create more exciting visual.
  • If you like your Instagram story, be sure to save it by tapping save.

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