How to choose the right ecommerce agency for your business

You may have been overwhelmed by the sheer technicality involved in taking your business online. But you don’t have to split your hair anymore because there are lots of ecommerce agencies which can do this job for you. Now, how to choose the right ecommerce agency? Just keep the following things in your mind before zeroing down on one ecommerce agency.

Have a clear picture of your own business requirement

First, you must get your requirements right. There are different types of best ecommerce solutions available for different products. A vendor selling 5 products will require a different solution from a vendor selling 100 products. So you will have to convey your specific requirements and information to the ecommerce agency before you are going to hire their services.

Do they have trial software?

Will you buy a car without test driving it? The same logic applies here as well. Most well-reputed ecommerce agencies will be happy to let you use their software for trial. This will help you understand you requirements and software’s advantages and limitations. Shy away from those ecommerce solutions providers that seem to be reluctant from giving you a trial run.

Ask for a demo/presentation

Before you decide to have ecommerce services from any agency, understand their process completely. Ask every little question you have got in your mind. Ask them how many steps are involved before a customer checks out. Ask them if the software will allow third party advertisement on your website.

Check the payment gateway compatibility

Payment gateways like CCAvenue, Citrus or EBS may have compatibility issues with your portal. You will have to make sure that your agency is not having any compatibility issues with any payment gateway of your choice.

This is not an exclusive list of criteria, but they are the important ones. Keep checking out our blog space in future as we discuss tidbits relevant to ecommerce.