How to choose the right ecommerce agency

Ecommerce business is the future and the country sees a lot of opportunities in this industry. While it is growing at a very fast pace, ecommerce agencies who are fundamentally the growth promoters are also leveraging the boom. The recent rise in online startups and venture investments have pushed more agencies in the main- field, making it tougher and complicated for ecommerce businesses to select.

So, in order to help you and to minimize the difficulty in selection process, we have laid a few questions that you should ask before considering an ecommerce agency as your partner.

END to END solutions?

A complete package is the best bargain. You should not divulge in activities that would require you coordinating to different people on different work applications. For e.g. a company offers you ecommerce consulting services along with ecommerce development but not marketing then you have a little more work to do around. You again take up the job of finding an expert in ecommerce marketing services. So, to go by logic, this would waste save your time and your end product might not retain a harmony in the design, functionality and the overall business proposition.

Work style and track record

The kind of work or project that you might like to have may not be their cup of tea. However, when it comes to business, agencies are always ready to take on any difficult work/ job and are more than willing to show their abilities. But, this is not what you want!

Instead of going through their list of clients, it would make more sense to determine; how the agency helped them in achieving their goals? What were their contributions? What kind of work did they do for the business? What were the results? Did they achieve their goals? All this needs to be answered.

Modus- Operandi?

Their work model will certainly highlight their loops and strengths. How an ecommerce agency manages its project from the point of acquisition to delivery is very crucial as it can effect the business adversely, especially if it is running against a tight deadline.

Their delivery model should be flexible so as to accommodate timely changes without creating a stir in the overall project. The best way to determine their strengths and efficiencies is to request their recent project activities and developments. They are more likely to provide you a sample, but it will be enough to understand their working. You can ask them for a detailed presentation on the project from the person who lead the project.

Do their designs complement the business?

Special attention is needed when it comes to the aesthetics of an ecommerce site. It is the appearance and the user experience that adds value to your business. Things that you need to see is how do they plan to do it. What are they visualizing? What are the elements they are considering as important? Do they have the expertise? Any previous work that is credible and builds trust? Are they open to your ideas? Will they be testing it with various design elements in the live environment? All these questions will lead you to a more clear and a crisp idea about their abilities in designing and conceptualizing idea.

Client support

They are more enthusiastic at the start of the projects than the end with lots of inputs and feedbacks to shower on you. This behavior is not something new and traits could be found in any type of business. However, the point here is, how do they manage you during progress and after that.

Do they have enough staff to accommodate your ecommerce portal’s changes, upgrades or issues? Do they have dedicated resources for maintenance? How many projects are they maintaining as of now? Do they have any ticketing system in place? Do they provide direct contact to their resources? Their commitment time-frame? Check every detail that you can get on support and maintenance because the actual problem starts here!

Cost and Implementation

Every business prepares itself for the short, immediate and long term investments. And budgeting your projects on individual or on a full basis demands you to know the expenses in building the base of the business. In ecommerce, it is your online portal. So how do you determine whether they are cost effective?

The answer is simple, don’t? Cost effective solutions that most of the agencies sell are either short on new trendz and latest technologies or a compromise in the development process. So, the best way to understand how much it takes to build your site and to successfully ride it to launch is to check with different agencies. The quotes for sure will give you an idea on the estimates. And as far as the project implementation is considered, will there be a time-frame? What are their plan of actions? Are they keen on wrapping it soon? Then, it is a red flag for you. If they adhere to your time-frame, do not forget to ask for updates. Whether you will be updated on daily, weekly or monthly basis, matters a lot since it ropes in your solutions and ideas continuously.

In brief, we understand that it is a decisive factor. Your business is sure to succeed if you consider all the above given facts whilst shortlisting the best agency for your needs. Remember, it is always recommended to consult at least a good number of agencies; probably 10 to see how they will work and how they value your business!