How to increase your conversion rates

All the marketing channels that you utilize from email, blogs, social media, magazine ads, mobile and print advertising leads all your customers to the same end- your website. So, all those efforts that you have put in creating, planning and executing your ecommerce marketing strategies rely heavily on your website. in one of its article presented the overall online industry’s conversion rate for the year 2012. The article discussed all the channels and the impacts it had on the overall conversion ratio. The conversion rate for our ecommerce industry was a mere 3%. Even if we calculate the growth of our ecommerce industry in the last two years- which has been around 300% multiplied by the conversion rate, we still get 9%!

This could be the industry’s average conversion ratio however, yours can be a little different. Several factors determine the conversion rate, and we have mentioned a few of them that could take you on the higher spot.

Get the basic things right

The basic things has just too many variables and are the ones that are more prominent in influencing your customer’s decision. In order to have the checkout process moving efficiently, you need to focus on your product’s descriptions, placement and images.

Product descriptions: Your customers would like to read more about the product than anything in general. They want to know the quality, type, best suited for and anything that could give them an idea about what it would like be after having it. So, be precise and concrete.

Product images: Good quality images are the best picks. You don’t need any sort of research data to prove that products that have better image quality with zoom, multiple side images and color variations upon click are sold more than a single, low quality image product. The higher the quality, the better are the looks!

Product placement: How do you determine what fits where? Well! There is no defined formula to identify however, you should ensure that all your products are mixed well and has variations. For an example, if you are selling a pair of yellow t-shirts then align adjacent it to a blue one. They are contrasting and complement each other.

Moreover, you can also add product videos with live examples of your product. The customization option that has recently gained momentum is a good bet to see how your customers react to it. Basically, the customization option allows the customer to make small changes in the product like shape, color, texture, images etc. and make it suitable as per their attitude.

Section with special sales and offers

A study conducted by the e-tailing group suggests that 47% of the online buyers would buy only discounts items and 62% of them said that they specifically look for the sales and discount section.

So, how can you alleviate the experiences of buyers? By allowing them to enjoy discounts and offers! Create a section that has all the products for sale. In this way, the buyer can easily see through all the items and identify his special interest in no time.

A great strategy to minimize the promotional offer’s cost and at the same time to give valuable discounts is to engage customers in bumper prizes- It’s like a guaranteed lottery system where you give away your usual discounts but, in a way that the customer is not aware about the discount rate.

Follow up on abandoned carts

The percentage of people involved in passive shopping (window shopping) at their leisure time has increased. The increase in abandoned cart ratio can be due to this however, we cannot confirm the same. So, what do you do?

You can send emails to the buyers asking them to proceed through the checkout. Your email can remind them to go through it again and do the thing that they were doing, Shopping! See Healthkart- they have really utilized this option to make better sales. Usually, on a site like Healthkart, people spend more time checking out the products, calories, flavors, usage instructions and comparisons. But, later turn away to check more options and the product’s pros/cons.

Make the checkout process personal

The checkout process is a strenuous exercise for many and therefore they do not prefer to register and then proceed to the checkout page. I, myself prefer guest checkout because I do not like too many questions and tick boxes. So, you allow guest check out-make it simpler and sweet.
The calls to action play a bigger role in drawing the attention of customer and hence require a great care. Highlight it with the most complementing color, keep it near to the product images, make the pages short by giving tabs for separate subjects on the product like description, review, technical details etc.

Still how do you make it personal? Give them a lot of white space and the checkout fill up form only. This will help in not diverting the customer’s attention from the original purchase. Add multiple payment methods to ensure that your customers do not turn away in halfway.

Customer service is just so important.

We stress on all the factors but miss out on one crucial thing- customer service. To have online chat representatives answering buyer’s query augments the buying experience plus speeds up the buying process. When customers get their answers quickly, they get to decide quickly rather then pushing it days later for research and feedback.

Do up-selling without hesitation

To have a product list under the main product page is a good idea to gain attention of buyers. The idea is to provide recommendation and suggestions. If a customer is checking out a mobile phone on your site then supplementing your other products like mobile case, cover and memory card increases the chances of both the primary and the supplemented product being bought.

Major of the Indian retailers do this. However, the limit is to keep it till the product page and not to use pop-ups and sliders. They can be irritating, specially if the customer has been on the site for a long time.

Finally, user-test it!

The final step is to check if everything is in order. Check all the necessary elements that you think may increase your conversion ratio. Here, we have talked only about a few but, in a real time checkout process, there are over a hundred elements that can create a difference.

Be the customer and see how it works! You should check other ecommerce portals as well to observe the things that you find to be making a difference and integrate the same in yours. Test it again, make the necessary changes and then retest it to have a perfect ecommerce web development!