How you can make your ecommerce site more saleable

You have set up your online store nicely. You are promoting it very well on social media and in other ways. Your website is getting a good number of visitors. But even after all these good things, you are worried about something and that is your SALES. Although putting in your so much, you are not getting conversations. Which part did you miss? Let’s try to get it right:

Product photographs

You want shoppers to trust and buy your products but at the same time, you don’t want to invest much time and money in it! This should not be the case because how you portray your product directly influences the customer to make a purchase. High quality photographs and multiple views of the products are a must. You can also display your product in use so that a shopper can understand how it could be used. On watching it, there are chances that the customer gets more confident about purchasing it from you.

Blog-Image-1Apart from this, 360 degree photography is also in trend! Photographs taken with this technique would give the customer a clear look and feel of the product. You can also get creative with it by choosing a unique different background. For example, while photographing a pair of earrings, you can hang it on a tree branch.

It’s all about description

Along with your product’s photography, also spice it up with juicy product description. Help your customers know everything about the product because while selling, you need to understand that in a physical store, he/she can have an entire look and feel but not in case of an online store.


Enchant and entice your customers with a juicy description of the product. Don’t hesitate to tell them about the product much more than its size, shape, color or material. You have to convince them to make a purchase by informing them why they must HAVE it!

Easily accessible policies and FAQs

Sometimes it is the case that people are unable to find some main links (such as Shipping Policy, Return Policy, etc.) on the ecommerce site. Although you are running out of space, you have to make sure that such pages are easily reachable. You can include a HELP page instead of keeping all of them separate where all these things are mentioned.


It’s the same case with FAQs as well. Along with its easy accessibility, it is also important to cover all the possible concerns in the FAQs, a customer can have. You need to be in your customer’s shoes to know them better.

Your availability matters

Many times the customers don’t buy online due to some queries and doubts in their mind. So if they have such issues with your product or website or if they want to know more about your policies, let them know that they can easily reach you. There are a few ways that you can make contacting easier for them.


If you are available for most of the time when customers visit your ecommerce website, think about an online chat function. The online chat window with the message ‘How can I help you?’ pops up when somebody comes to the site. Also, the links to contact page should be visible and clear. Make sure that you reply to almost all the queries and messages to your inbox. If you would reply instantly to the doubts, then the chances are high that the customers place their order straight away.

Last but not the least, whatever you do, be debonair while riding the horse!