Impact Of Penguin And Panda Update On SEO

If you have a website and you have hired a digital marketing agency for its web content writing and other online marketing services, then you need to hang on, first! Does your hired agency know about Panda and Penguin updates? Check out what these updates are about:

Once again, Google has updated its algorithm and many sites have had to bear the brunt of the same. While the site owners were finding it difficult to meet the requirements of the regular Google Panda updates, they were to be met with a new friend of theirs “Penguin”. Both updates were rolled out simultaneously and have had a bearing on SEO of various sites.

So, what does it have in store for you? Let’s first talk about the Panda Update. Google has tried to fill the void which was being effectively utilized by many site owners. There were always only two types of contents- Genuine and Spam. However, Google has tried to bridge the two by looking at content which is not necessarily spam but can’t fall under the category of being genuine either. The resultant category is “thin content” which emphasizes way too much on stuffing keywords. Therefore, those days seem short lived when you could develop keyword rich content with little or no value to the reader and submit the same to many content farms to derive additional links.

Google Penguin, on the other hand, ventured to question the techniques used for Search Engine Optimization. The black hat SEO techniques have been further banished and been the recipients of Google’s wrath. Are you posting your links to too many unrelated websites? Are you using sponsored links or pasting them on the footers? Are a majority of your back links based on keywords instead of being brand specific? If the answer to any of these is Yes, then your website is under the radar and you will be suggested to mend your ways soon to retain your rankings.

Are Penguin and Panda a Penalty?
Matt Cutts (Google’s Spam Engineer) said that neither Panda nor Penguin is a penalty; both are algorithm updates. He explained that Penguin was designed to tackle low-quality content and spam that were left after Panda.
“It’s an algorithmic change, not a penalty,” Cutts said, explaining that the Penguin update is another one of the over 200 signals that Google has.
“When we use a word like penalty, we’re talking about a manual action taken by the web spam team” it wasn’t that.
Cutts explained that a penalty is a manual action taken against a site and you will “pretty much always” be notified in Webmaster Tools if it’s a penalty affecting your site.