Know the Value of Proper Design with SEO & SMO in Ecommerce Website

Make a user friendly website design

As per the current market trend, internet users are quickly increasing all over the world and due to their increasing demand a lot of businesses have thought for their own ecommerce web development. Now the question is, how are you going to beat your competitors, as there are many websites providing same products/services. You must know how to attract your targeted audience and sustain business from your ecommerce website.

Most of the ecommerce website owners launch their site in haste and start SEO or PPC campaigns to generate quick business but during this process they don’t concentrate on making quality designs. For those business owners, I would like to discuss a few important points for making attractive design on their ecommerce website.

Just an ecommerce website is not enough to beat your competitors. Your website must be attractive at first look and it should load quickly as well. There is no thumb rule you have to follow for design and it depends totally on your product. Of course, for better design your designer(s) must have experience on ecommerce website development and designing.


Let’s take an example of a website which has thousands of women fashion products to offer. Unfortunately not everyone has time to browse through all the categories. In this case, we can have an arrangement where the user can type the particular product in the search bar and he/she can have a quick view of the product. Having no search bar on the site means less productive site.



The better you display your product, the more sales you make. For example, a customer is looking for an iPad screen guard but after landing on the site he sees slideshows of leather cases, screen guards, and other products related to iPad. He would at least like to visit that page and may consider buying it. So the key point is, making a perfect display on homepage will boost your sale.


Most of the people who like to buy online is because it’s easy and time saving process. By using ecommerce websites a customer can receive the product at the comfort of his home and doesn’t need to go outside to check out the products. You can know everything about your product and buy it in few clicks.


Filters can help your customers to quickly find a particular product. For example “Women” “Men” in are basic criteria. After that more options such as colour, size, and description of product must be added. Products like shoes, socks and shirts have “Size” as one of the filters. A first time shopper is taking a risk by shopping online. By giving a customer the option of filtering his product you are making his life a lot easier. The customer will grow more confident and is more likely to visit your website again.

Once you apply above standards on your site you can take the advantage of SEO & SMO for your ecommerce website. Here are some easy steps you can take advantage of.



Before you start thinking about getting higher ranking, you must focus on the best keyword that is most appropriate for your targeted audience. Check your competitor’s keywords, check their rankings, check what your targeted audience is searching to find your products. Below is another example that you can use to get more suggestion for keywords.


You can also use Google trend and Google keywords tool for more keyword suggestions. Once you have got the keywords, use them in title, description, and your content. But before you do so you must place the keywords carefully since the rules have changed after the penguin and panda updates. You can also use alt tags in images and add your keywords on inner page URL. Once you feel that your onsite is complete you can move to offsite SEO. Given below are the important aspects of offsite SEO.


Before you start finding the list of directory or sites of article and start posting your content there are many things you need to consider. One of the best and effective way is to check your competitor’s back links and for that you can use opensiteexplorer. Once you have the data you can filter it for building theme based linking.


For better content marketing practice here are some of the important aspects that you must consider.

• Make your content innovative and link worthy
• Never post content in multiple websites or press release sites
• Do not stuff keywords in content
• Share your own ideas, and experience in article
• Post in well know websites only
• Use Google Authorship
• Make catchy title and content for users but not for search engines
• Use images in your content, as per the current market trend Infography is the best practice to display content using cool graphics.
• Get better ideas for writing content from other popular article sites such as ezinearticles
Use Title Maker tool for perfect title.


Social media is one of the most important aspect to get better promotion of your website. Use it wisely for your website promotion. Once your content is approved simply share it on well known social sites such as Facebook, twitter, stumble upon etc.

Here are some important aspects that you should consider for getting better output of social media:

• Which social platform works the best for you and for your target audience
• Make a list of social media websites that is mostly used by your target audience. There are many social sites which are famous only in particular country.
• List down the websites which allows you to make brand page and spread it within the website.
• Understand the current market trend e.g. Which form of content is most popular- photos, videos, links etc.
• Find out how people increase their followers
• How to grab the eyeballs by posting quality content
• Add some entertainment stuff in your posts
• Don’t keep sharing only your industry news. You can post some content that attracts people.


If you will apply all this elements on your website you will surely see positive effect on your business. You can also hire a professional ecommerce consultant who can show you the right way.

Kartik is an expert in eCommerce and he likes to talk about ecommerce website design, ecommerce marketing strategy and ecommerce consulting services. He has been offering services to various small and large scale business in India and is associated with Ecumen Consultancy for many years.