Knowing digital body language of your customers is possible!

When it comes to running an online store, it is tougher than running a physical store because there are many things which you don’t get in the former. In a physical store, you can see your customer walking in. You can welcome him/her whereas the online store doesn’t give you this opportunity. Also, you cannot keep any salesperson to talk to and convince the customer to make a purchase. Sometimes, observation of the customer gives you an idea whether he’s interested in whatever you’re showing. But is it possible in case of online store? Yes, if thought slightly out-of-the-box! How?

Take a look to this infographic:

Ecommerce Development


While it is much easy to handle and manage or even convert a walk-in customer in a physical store, doing that for an online customer is quite difficult but if you have the right gauging of their body language, it’s just like another day, walking in the park.