Knowing your ecommerce competitors better

In any field, staying ahead of your competitors is required in order to be loved by your customers and maintain a profitable business. But for that, you need to analyze your competitors. You need to understand their strategies. You need to know their strengths and weaknesses. You need to know their every single move so that you can counteract.

But do you think all this is possible? Yes, and even simple! We will make it simple for you. You just have to know the types of your competitors and their strategies which would help you plan your strategies. In this post, we are going to give you an opportunity to know several kinds of your ecommerce competitors in a better way.

1. Technical gurus

Entrepreneurs who have vast technical knowledge often start an ecommerce business as they are best at doing so. Some crucial technical challenges which might frustrate other businessmen will be fun solving for such technical gurus. These kinds of ecommerce entrepreneurs are more prone to try new technologies and tools. They can give the best shopping experience to their customers. Knowing what they are doing on their site may help you compete the companies.

Strengths: Features, design, performance
Weaknesses: Product selection and marketing

 2. Industry gurus

Many industry experts who have passion for a particular sector have entered in the market with their online business. For example, a semi-professional passionate fashion designer, starting her apparel ecommerce has great potential to succeed. Monitoring such ecommerce experts can give you better idea on hot fashion trends.

Strengths: Product selection and industry knowledge
Weaknesses: Technology and marketing

3. Business gurus

In order to earn easy profits, even good businessmen start their online store and most of them easily succeed, may be because of their excellent entrepreneurship expertise. They better know what to and how to feed the customers. As they know the marketing and business knowledge, they can easily reach potential consumers and make the profit.

Strengths: Core business values, marketing expertise and customer service
Weaknesses: Industry and technology knowledge

4. Retail gurus

It is observed that most of the retail transactions belong to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. And when they move online, they hold an added advantage of already knowing their customer base and their needs. As they are already best at handling the customers and profit values, they can probably run a successful ecommerce business. Brick-and-mortar retail gurus are better at addressing the questions and queries of the customers.

Strengths: Experience and better customer service
Weaknesses: Sometimes they lack resources and hence, lose the focus.

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